Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Guess What Else

I get to use my Favorite training tool with the silly Charlie!

That's right, Coreena's raising for an organization that Truly uses positive reinforcement and allows their raisers to clicker train the pups. We can teach Charlie as many or as few (within reason) commands as we would like while Coreena's raising him. Yes, that includes advanced commands! Charlie LOVES picking up and carrying things so I think one of our first, besides sit, down and go in, will be the retrieve series (Get it, hold it, bring it here, give) as he picks up Everything!

I still love the difference between 40 lb 22 week old Charlie and 3 lb 11 week old Remy (who isn't really a dog in my mind... but that's just me! People think he's a cat all the time!)
There have been a few times where Charlie pounces/bats at Remy and we fear for the little guy's life! Charlie's feet are almost as big as the little one!

Today Charlie got a golden ticket to go on an adventure. First stop, the vet! He got his third series of shots and his rabies, so now he's legal! Coreena plans on a trip to the dog park this week sometime with her pooches! Then we went to Wal-Mart to see if they had a clicker I'd be interested in.... Of course not! Although Charlie did phenomenal and when some (kind of crazy) lady was petting him he didn't mouth and just laid down and enjoyed it!
Then we went to both Petco and the Mini Pet Mart and neither had anything I'm interested in either... online time! Although at the Mini Pet Mart he got to pick a toy, although I vetoed his choice! He wanted a blue stuffed dog that eventually he will get, once (if) he shows us he's not going to de-stuff all his stuffed toys! Instead I picked out, and he approved, a dark blue wubba.
Once we got home he carried it around and it was oh so adorable for awhile but after he got a drink of water it was definitely nap time!
He got left alone for the first time since arriving. Alex and I ran to the store but Charlie was so tired we decided to leave him. He broke in the new crate nicely and didn't chew or scratch it at all!
While there we had to get Virgil's Root Beer in honor of Martha's house guest!
We also got Charlie another toy (I know, we're so bad!) a green bee! He hasn't interacted with it yet but I'm sure he'll love it!
Here Charlie still is.... I think he's enjoying his nap time!
OH, and I've decided on the organization I'll be raising for. Now I just need to let them know when I'll be ready for a puppy AND find a bandana that will match a burgundy jacket!

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  1. Charlie is adorable! Sounds like Coreena chose a great organization. Can't wait to learn who you will be raising for!