Friday, September 4, 2009

Poor Little Guy

A couple weeks ago when we took all the dogs (Teddy, Kira, Eva and Rizzo) up to the school to run off-leash Teddy tore his foot pads practically off, on all four of his feet. We put him in the crate to relax and take care of them for awhile. He took care of them by pulling off all the dead skin! Yes, now I can clean them! So we carried him to the forbidden living room, hi Mom, and put bag balm on them. He then got his lovely baby socks on his feet. Poor little guy was in pain!
He hates being carried and on his back on furniture and was calm with Coreena on the chair and Asked to be picked up when we were coming home.
Doesn't he just look miserable?

On to happier topics now. I'll try to keep the last couple posts the last depressed/ing ones about my love for and loss of Eclipse.

Happy Friday everyone, even though we have to work tomorrow!

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