Sunday, September 6, 2009


Now that I'm back in the mindset of being a puppy raiser and not just caring for a sickly puppy I'm going a little nuts! Shown by three blog posts in one day /grin/ Between researching renal disease/failure and researching head collars (beside haltis and GLs) and training treats, I'm spending a lot of time online /grin/ That's okay though, since this the first two consecutive days I've been scheduled off in two weeks, although I've had a lot of days off in that time frame, two days are nice!

Anyway, for those of you that train with treats, specifically clicker training, what is your favorite type of treats to use? For Charlie and subsequent pups I need to find a high value (although not Too high value) soft treat that's easy to handle that doesn't cause really bad gas.

I have yet to try Bil-Jac treats, although I'm planning on it. I usually use kibble (I want higher quality) and Zuke's Mini chicken soft treats but they cause really bad gas and I use 101 liver treats but they're too big so I have to get smaller pieces before training.

Any opinions are very welcome! :-D


  1. We've used sliced-up hot dogs with both Brianna and Penelope. Brianna also works great for bits of string cheese, but it's too high-value for Penelope. Both take a bit of work to get ready, though...and we haven't used many of the commercial treats.

  2. I use Natural Balance rolls, I cut up a few inches of the roll into little pieces for each training class. It causes a little bit of gas but better than Zuke's. The treats are also slightly softer and more tempting. I prefer the Lamb, don't like the Duck because it's greasy and smellier, and don't mind the Turkey.

    The only issue is they have to be refrigerated after opened and the treats should only be used for three or four hours if not kept cold.


  3. I have done quite a bit of research on head collars besides the GL and Halti, but it did not go well. I found the snoot loop, which actually seemed pretty nice, and then there are also several types that are not head collars at all, these attach at the back of the dogs head instead, and actually look very intriguing. I have not tried them yet, but would like to stress that the purpose is entirely different than the head collar, as they are more like martingale collars designed to exert some pressure on the nose, and stay at their top of their neck. I did my research some time ago, so if you find anything interesting on the head collar front, please let me know.

    Also, I am very glad you found the Leerburg site of some use. Last I checked their burgandy leather products were on sale if you are looking for leashes and collars.