Monday, September 7, 2009


I've found my new favorite dog treat/toy website! Thanks to terrabean leaving a comment on Coreena's blog and giving us this website because now I am in love! I've been doing a lot of "research"... okay, so maybe not research, just figuring out what I want to buy /grin/

Thanks to a few different suggestions from a few different people (Emily (w/Ellis and Gelly), Bethany and another contact on facebook) the one I'm most looking forward to using is a food roll. The main one suggested is the Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls Lamb Formula. These food rolls are customizable treats (for my purpose) but have to be frozen and then what I would want to use for the week must be refrigerated. Bethany said they're best used within 3-4 hours of being out of the fridge or they spoil. Similar are the Redbarn Meat Rolls that if I decide to Really splurge from leerburg I may order but probably not /grin/. These I would use for more intricate commands, like a very nice "heel" or "side" (an attentive walk, what I would want to look like an obedience heel) as well as wheelchair commands when being introduced.

Next up are bite sized training treats, similar in size to Zuke's (hopefully without the gas inducing effect!). These treats would need frozen as well. First up? Soft Training Treats these have really impressed me due to their very low protein content. If Eva lives more than a year from now I may have to get some of this purely for Eva to still have a high value training treat she can have! Next up are Bravo! Bonus Bites, I like the idea of these freeze-dried treats. They don't appear to need frozen but there are a very vast variety of "types". Also needing frozen would be the Gimborn Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Chicken Liver Treats. These too would need frozen. I would probably only these treats if working with a poodle or not real food-motivated dog. It is likely I could get a standard poodle to raise, so I must be prepared, although I would like a labby first /grin/.

These next treats are Very high value treats, or would be for most dogs /grin/. They are salmon flavored and would be used sparingly as they are very expensive. Probably only used to hurdles, maybe for training a retrieve on a dog that's not a big retriever and for stressful situations. Grizzly NuTreats.

These next two I've already purchased. I purchased small, 4 oz packets of each to see which I prefer more. At this time I definitely prefer the Bil-Jac Gooberlicious Dog Treats. These are peanut butter flavored, so mixes it up from my normal liver flavor and are very soft. They are small to begin with but I can easily tear them into thirds and they are a good size for even little Remy. I also got the Bil-Jac Little Jacs Liver Treats. Their name is somewhat misleading in my opinion. They are actually quite large. Much larger than a Zuke's in fact. They're not as soft but still not a pain to rip in half. The dogs don't seem As in love with them though. We'll see how they fair when Charlie's here for a day or two learning new commands /grin/

And lastly, these are not treats at all but something I want to get from leerburg! These Clix Training Dumbells I want to use when refining the "Get It" command from something we say with toys to other objects. It'd be nice to have a designated object for it.

The treats that need frozen or refrigerated I won't be able to purchase or use at this time just because I want to not use up all my parent's fridge space. Once we are able to move out on our own (come on Alex's unemployment!) I'll definitely be stocking up some frozen treats though!

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  1. I must say, leerburg is one of if not the greatest sources of training information available on the web! Ed (the owner) has SO much free information published there, and the wealth only continues on into his discussion board. You should check it out! He also has a lot of great DVDs and, as you've already discovered, a plethora of good quality training equipment. Beware, you will lose MANY hours of your life to Leerburg if you don't carefully ration your time spent there. ;) Take my word for it! :)