Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Day

For Charlie-Moe!

He, of course, joined us at work today. He chilled under whoever's desk he was at, like he always does. On lunch we challenged him a bit though. I worked with him on "tugging" with his leash (he only does so on command), walking with me while carrying his own leash and without me holding onto it. We also worked on "get your leash", "bring it here", "hold" and "give" at work. He's doing well. If I ask him to get his leash he picks it up near the handle and will hand it to me.

Of greater consequence though was I tested his knowledge of the "tug" command. I tied his leash to the door at work, entered the password to get in and asked him to tug. I held it open so I wouldn't have to re-enter the password but tug he did! Soon we will begin working on tugging objects around with the fleece, opening the fridge and introduce "nudge".

I got off work early and had to go get a new license (that was okay, but I hate the DMV today! Stupid rise in fees!) and Charlie went. He did fantastic, Alex held him while I took care of my business and he sat quietly and unobtrusively. Many people commented on his stellar behaviour. I even let him pick my debit card up off the floor and he's doing amazing at that, even on a linoleum floor. We introduced it with my license since the plastic was peeling and it prevented him from getting frustrated.

We also went through the big bad scary tire center at Wal-Mart. He did okay, was unsure but did well. Another thing we need to work on is things touching him from behind. It won't take long between Alex and me to get him used to that. I regularly grab the pups' tails while walking to desensitize them, Alex is just a brat and teases them to distract and challenge them.

Now, it's chill time. Tomorrow, if I can force myself to, we'll work on walking in the rain. The first time it rained on him he kept looking around trying to see what was touching him. Time to desensitize him to that, although now that the rain has started, he'll get used to it quickly for it won't stop until next late spring!

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