Sunday, October 25, 2009


Since the organization I plan on raising for has the pups worked in headcollars the majority of time (not a requirement but strongly suggested) I'm looking around for some options.

I have a blue medium GL and a purple medium. Of course the blue on can be used, if it fits the pup's face. I also have a black size 2 Halti. I don't really want to use the blue GL on the new pup if I can avoid it, because it's Eclipse's.

I'm looking for somewhere to purchase colored Haltis. They tend to fit most dogs' faces better, in general, and I'm pretty well set on GLs if I need them. Not to mention they have a specific website where they can be ordered.

You guys were so terribly much help when I was looking for good training treats to use so I figured you'd be the ones to ask. Any place you know of that I can get an orange, red, green, burgundy, etc halti?

Thanks, all!

Ally, Teddy & Kira

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