Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Head Collars *Edited*

I know some raisers don't use, don't like or can't use head collars with their pups but I find them helpful and sometimes necessary in certain situations. I tend to use them quite regularly, although Charlie isn't in one much at this point.

I like to have a head collar that not only fits a puppy but matches his personality. Eclipse was in the blue Gentle Leader and it fit his personality perfectly, I love blue on that boy more than any other color! Eola was in a purple Gentle Leader, again, it certainly fit her personality. (They were in head collars for very different but equally necessary reasons)

The next puppy will be required to be comfortable in a head collar in case his future handler needs to work him in one. That being said, I want a head collar that not only fits him correctly but matches his personality. Gentle Leaders don't fit all dogs' faces, neither do Haltis, it's something that has to be assessed and determined over time with a pup as it can change with age as well. I like Haltis for certain dogs and I like how the neck strap doesn't have to be as tight and is easier to put on for me. However, I do not like how Haltis only come in black, for the most part.

So I did some research. I'm definitely getting an orange Gentle Leader for the little guy and possibly a red one. I could have swore I remember there being burgundy Gentle Leaders but I can't find any information on them. North Star (where Boots is from) has burgundy listed as a color for Gentle Leaders but when I go to add it to my cart it's a martingale. If I want to buy them I'll contact them to see if they do in fact have burgundy Gentle Leaders. I found a place in Australia that has Haltis in five colors and when the pup gets here and a Halti is needed I'll order a very pretty Halti for him.

If you want to know the link(s) let me know, I have them.

What do you consider when putting your pup in a head collar? Just fit or which head collar you personally prefer, is color of the collar important to you, etc?

Here's the link for the Haltis. http://www.worldforpets.com.au/products/product_detail.asp?ID=1893
This store has all the available GL colors in kits for amazingly cheap. http://www.bestfriendsgeneralstore.com/unique_dog_toys_c/401_GLH1/Gentle+Leader+Dog+Headcollars


  1. For choosing a color for Charlie, I think burgundy would be great because it would match his cape.

    When I choose a Gentle Leader, I like to get one that matches the dog's face color.
    I do understand your point in a previous comment you left me that someone might think I was hiding a muzzle, but it feels better for me to have it blend.

    The reason I don't like Haltis is because how bulky they are. They are much thicker and have more straps than the Gentle Leader. Though I haven't actually worked a dog on one before, so I shouldn't judge it too strongly.

    Have you tried E-bay?

  2. I know a lot of people like the Gentle Leaders that blend with the pups as much as possible. I liked the idea of that with Iverson, although he was only in a GL for a short time before he was put in a training collar. His color wasn't one that could be blended to so we got real comfortable with explaining what the head collar was. I like educating people on what head collars are and it's less intimidating for people to ask about something that stands out then blends in ;-)

    I figured I should explain that more since I commented on it on your blog! Thanks for the comment!

    The gentle leaders can rub the dogs' eyes and rub all the hair off them if it's too loose or fits wrong. Some dogs they just don't fit right on, like Charlie. The Halti does have more fabric but sits a little lower on the nose and works wonders for some dogs

  3. I like to have a varity of head collars to use on my pups. And since I can have 3 lareg dogs at any given time (my pet dog, my BF's, and current GDB pup) I have LOTS of headcollars. Unfortunatly most of them are black, but I do have a red and tan gentle leader.

    Have fun getting some Halti's in different collars. I will be interested to see how they look!