Sunday, October 4, 2009



He's been here since Friday evening, recovering from a slight surgery located between his back legs. No particular reason for the nickname, other than that's what I call him. He looks like a Moe, no? ;-)
Since Eva is such an instigator and gets him riled up he's been here recovering and just hanging out. He's been doing a lot of sleeping, vomiting (Okay, so he's only vomited once and not from the surgery, past few times he's been here he's thrown up after each big meal [and he eats SLOW] but doesn't do it at Coreena's so he's getting smaller meals for now) and squeaking of the crab/lobster.
He's a doll, although we're still working on some of his issues (mouthing, jumping, picking up Everything). He's responding better to Alex when it comes to relieving but still has some improvement to make. I have yet to decide if he'll be at work tomorrow or not. Probably since I'm going to Attempt working my full shift, but we shall see.
That's all from here. I'm so happy for all of you who's pups decided they don't want to work and have been allowed to return/stay home where they belong in the past week or so. While I'm slightly jealous and feeling s bit of self-pity if makes me so happy for you and your puppies not only that you were listened to but that the bond was recognized and honored! Congrats to all of you and your new pets. The service dog community makes my heart swell during times like this, dogs being where they belong, whether it be working in service or as pets!

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  1. Charlie is looking very cute and sweet. I hope he recovers quickly. It's great that he gets 2 raisers!