Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Things on the planning front for moving are going well. We have 1/3 of our deposit paid at this point and we're paying the other 2/3 on Friday. We have a lot of furniture lined up including a new couch set, a washer and dryer (thanks Coreena and Max!), a bedroom set we're buying from Coreena and Max, a mattress set we're getting from my in-laws and the furniture we have now. The bed we're using we're leaving here, the dresser is going to Coreena and Max as is our sectional. The sectional would fit in the new place but I think would be a little overpowering and I wouldn't like it. The couch and loveseat are (a very pretty) floral print which I'm not a big fan of. The couch and our big chair will go in the living room, we'll get a slip cover for the couch and the loveseat will go in the office, again with a slip cover on it. Things are coming together for the move. We're not real avid packers, but we'll get there. We are helping friends move this weekend, we're planning on moving next weekend. All is well. Once we move in and settle we'll get a small pantry for the dining room for additional storage and a table that will fold up, but the table won't be any time soon probably. Also on the To-Do list before the move: Strip Teddy and Kira's coats!

Ally, Teddy & Kira (who are eager for the move)


  1. A year! That's neat. Barrett almost has Eclipse's same birthdate, but he was born on the 23rd. Plus he's a year older, so he'll be two instead of one like Eclipse:)

  2. Happy one year to Eclipse, even though he's not with you. Sounds like things are moving along nicely for your move. I always think it's exciting to start fresh somewhere. A great opportunity to sort/toss/organize.