Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Puppy?

Charlie-Moe looks like a new puppy! A few old pictures to begin with.

After clipping his face Alex and I curled up on the floor with Charlie to watch House, when we left Charlie decided the unused pillow was his. At work yesterday Charlie was working like a dog

He loves carrying stuff, especially water bottles (and since we were using my leather leash yesterday he got to carry stuff to prevent him from grabbing the leash) but when they are 3/4 or so full they're difficult to hold. As soon as he moves it falls out of his mouth. He's getting better about it and is learning to hold it more to one side and balance it so the water doesn't slosh around. On our walk at lunch there were two men on a roof putting in a window. Charlie was quite concerned, worried ears, quick walk, watching them, blowing his lips, etc. We worked through it, I just wish I'd had some goodies with me! I love the labbie forehead wrinkles!
Just a sweet picture of him cuddling with my feet at work.
After work (shaped up to be a busy day for us!) we worked more on Charlie's do! Here he is helping me clip his foot. Yes, my cheeks are very red! No, Charlie wasn't helping at all! :-D He's getting better with the clippers though, holds still for the most part! I got a strange burst of energy last night and found it hilarious to "pin" back Moe's ears. It gives his face a very entertaining look! (Okay, so I rubberbanded them loosely and he left them like that) I LOVE the crossed feet, he does it all the time, but with his more poodley feet now it's even cuter!
:-DFirst thing this morning I clipped Charlie-Moe more. I got him almost all finished in one sitting but had to take a break before finishing up his back feet (he didn't enjoy them being clipped for some reason). He also got his nails clipped and brushed out. Now, I think he's adorable!
He definitely looks like a new puppy, but I assure you, he's the same goofy Moe!
I love the combination of the labby face with those prissy poodle feet!
Labby wrinkles, mostly labby face, poodle/labby ears, prissy poodle feet!
A close up of his prissy feet! Yes, his nails are crooked like a poodles even, and some of them have black lines on them like Loden's did do! :-D
As for a new puppy for me? I've decided I'll request a lab puppy from CST. I'll raise that puppy and see how it goes. If it goes well CST is my new home. If not, my options are still open with 3-4 other organizations I'm interested in raising for. Hopefully the lab will be here before Charlie leaves /wink/

Ally, Teddy, Kira, Charlie (in the crate upstairs, time alone is important) and maybe a new labby? ;-)

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  1. You've gotten scissor happy--but it's a good thing! Charlie looks very, very cute with his closely cropped hair. In the photo with his paws crossed and ears tucked back, he looks like a little horse!