Monday, October 5, 2009


You may remember when "Moe" arrived this is what he looked like...
Then he got his scissor cut "doodledo" and looked much cuter (and Cleaner!)
This picture was taken today, just short of two weeks after his scissor clipping. Yes, his hair is CRAZY again, no I don't like it.
So we got brave and brought out the clippers. Here he is after I was able to clip just his right eyebrow and cheek...
and after preliminary clipping on the right side of his face. Yes, he was less than thrilled with me. Yes, he's on two tie-downs, otherwise he was hopping around=danger!
After going over his whole face and some of his head. His ear "fluffs" and 'stache are still present, along with crazies on his head
After I clipped some more, his face got cleaned up, his 'stache disappeared, his hair crazies were dismissed and I gouged his forehead (oops! first time shaving a dog like this)
Then his ear hairs were scissor trimmed just a bit and then he looks Very lab-like. Here at least.
Almost eerily like Loden. This is the best pic I could find for the angle, although Loden still looks very puppyish in it. With age his nose lengthened. Trust us ;-)
At other times/angles he looks very poodle-esque
I promise, he's a lab/poodle cross, not an Appaloosa with his apple butt! (It's just slightly out of proportion *wink*)

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to trim up his neck/throat, back and feet. Then his true genetics will be shown. I think he'll look more poodley than ever, but we shall see!

What I love about Charlie-Moe: He randomly gives you kisses to let you know he loves you. He grabs your arm/shirt/pants when he's overly ecstatic to see you, Bad but makes you feel loved! We're working on it. And he tolerates my picture taking and random spurts of energy to try and make him look decent. I Want him to look like a poodle, but he's not really complying!

Ally & a sleeping Moe-Char! (Although he may go back to Charlie being all clean-cut like he is!)

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