Monday, October 12, 2009

Secret Is Out

I have a secret I've been keeping from you all.

I was allowed to see Eclipse before he left, but it was a secret. I swore I wouldn't post about it.

Here's what happened.

As you all know, September 10 I got an e-mail stating that a final decision had been made on Eclipse's future. He would live with Joy and be a therapy/demo dog for JLAD. He would not graduate as a working service dog.

I asked if I would be allowed to see him. I was told no. I left it at that, didn't say anything about it other than my blog post stating I wasn't going to be allowed to say goodbye.

The following Monday I got a text at work asking if I wanted to see him to say goodbye, I did. I spent a few short moments with him behind a car, getting my "last" cuddles in with him and kissing his nose. Around 11 a.m. I got a phone call saying that due to my obvious true and deep love for him, if I promised to not post about it, I could have him at my house for a couple hours. I readily agreed.

Eclipse spent two blessed hours here with me and my family, and we loved every minute of it. He was so happy here. It was obvious to me that a career change was a good choice for him, having worked with him since he was 9 weeks and knowing the issues he's had ever since his arrival as an SDIT.

Right after his arrival. I told you he was ECSTATIC to be here

Prancing with his duck. Look familiar?

Being handsome in his favorite place to chill. Should look familiar again

He was telling me how happy he was, we were deep in conversation

Again deep in conversation. I was assuring him he could always come home if the opportunity presented itself. That still holds true to this day.

A happier dog you would be hard put to find, than Eclipse when he's home. A happier girl you'd be even harder put to find, than me when Eclipse is home.

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  1. That's so nice that you got to see Eclipse! He does look super happy, and I'm sure it gave you some peace of mind. You look great in the shirt, by the way!!