Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Charlie's eating 3 cups twice a day now, he needs to put some weight on! Who knew a doodle would eat so much at 6 months!?!

This morning, I timed him. He eats VERY slowly. This morning it took him 12 minutes to eat his breakfast. I don't always have time for him to spend 12 minutes eating and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions? He eats out of a smaller bowl, so I'll try one of the larger bowls today. He has tons of water right there, tonight I'll try soaking his food in water.

He gags/coughs while/after eating as well, which is strange to me since he eats sooo slow! Anyone have any suggestions. I know this isn't the normal eating issue we have as raisers, but we don't usually have crazy doodles either ;-)


  1. 6 cups a day and still skinny!? WOW!
    Ellie eats 3 cups a day and is pretty plump. I really have to watch her weight.

    With the coughing and gagging, I would definitely try soaking his food in hot water for about 5 minutes. It is weird though that he's doing that, I might worry about a health issue. If he was inhaling the food it wouldn't be so weird.....
    I always feel like it's not natural for dogs to eat only dry food, so I like to make sure it's well soaked. It might help a lot with his coughing gagging, I don't know....

  2. We just upped his food, he was eating four cups a day and was too skinny for our taste. Once he's at a good weight we'll probably drop him down to 5/5.5 cups a day to keep him there but we want to plump him up quick right now :-D

  3. Can you change foods? A higher protein/calorie diet will allow him to eat a little less. Otherwise I would start with the soaking and see how that goes.