Friday, October 16, 2009


There was a suggestion to elevate Charlie's bowl to lessen the coughing/gagging and it has worked. He's also eating out of a bigger bowl and the food is floated, which he seems to enjoy. It's not helping him eat much faster but we'll come up with a solution so he doesn't take up all our morning time eating.

I think I'll drop his food back down to 5 cups a day versus 6. He's not putting on any significant amount of weight with the extra cup of food but his output is definitely increasing. We'll see how he does on five cups with added goodies throughout the day.

Thanks again for all the suggestions! I really appreciate it!

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  1. Oh goodness, for some reason I have been completely missing your posts!!! Yikes!

    Anyway, I am really enjoying them, especially the one about socialization. I feel the same way. In my club, we don't take our dogs on real "outings" until they are at least 4 months old. I don't take them on outings that are longer than 1-2 hours until they are about 6 month or older (this varies depending on the dog, of course). It really frustrates me when, say, a raiser picks up their puppy from the GDB campus and then eats at the nearby Applebees right after. And you are right, the puppies these days are a lot "softer", and need to be handled a little differently than they did a few years ago.

    Anyway, sorry this comment is so long. I guess I just wanted to tellyou how much I appreciated that post. It should be something puppy raisers of all kinds stick to. =)