Saturday, November 21, 2009

If Only

If only you could understand the magic that IS Eclipse, then you'd understand what I'm going through. If you knew him, if you had the opportunity to know him, if you took the time and made the effort to know him, you would know what Magic is. Not magic as in pulling rabbits out of hats or sawing people in boxes in half. No, no you've got it wrong. Magic as in the very essence of Eclipse, the magic that makes every human that ever sees him falls instantly in love with him. The magic that makes your heart never able to let go.

Eclipse is a special dog, not because he was in my home, not because of everything we went through together. Eclipse is special because something inside him, the things that make him him truly surpass and outshine most dogs. In fact, he surpasses and outshines any and every dog I've ever met, even most people in the world these days. Eclipse is laying on a blue background (it's the back of a toy helicopter for kids)with one front foot curled under him and the other hanging off the edge. His head is on his front feet and his muzzle is over the edge of the helicopter. He's wearing his dark blue jacket that is close in color to the helicopter.Eclipse is something special. If only you could know him, if only you took the time to know him, you would see the magic, the magic that is Eclipse.


  1. Goldens can do that. The special ones must have charisma or something.
    Though I've never met a Golden more amazing than my Happy, they all have some sort of essence.

  2. I LOVE that picture!
    He sounds like a great dog:)