Saturday, February 28, 2009

A first

Last night was certainly a first for Eclipse!

Last night was the first time he spent on tie-down. He did pretty good. It took him right around 5 minutes to settle down to begin with because he couldn't see us and just wanted to be with us, but after that he was good. He drank a Ton of water yesterday so at 2:30 he woke me up and had sprinkled a little bit but we ran downstairs and pottied and then he settled down quickly and fell fast asleep.
This morning he woke up just before 7:30. Here he is the morning. His ear perked correctly yet again, and yet again I missed the picture. This time because he turned his head though. Brat.
He relieved then ate breakfast but then had to go on tie-down again so I could get ready for the day. He was quite wound up as you can see.
He went into his crate for me to shower but then it was time for service (what we do on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to noon). Today, since my mom was staying home, he stayed on tie-down in the den. He did very well. This picture is from after I got home. He was quite content.
And then.... we waited for Coreena to come with the puprise...
and waited....
and waited....
J/K. Coreena brought the puprise just a couple minutes after 1 o'clock.
Look familiar, albeit slightly larger? They should, this is Elly and Evett. Elly is darker and (seems) bigger. Evett is smaller and has a dark 'mask' on her face. They're both darling. Why are they at my house when they are with Joy who is two hours north of here? Well, we decided Joy deserved a break so offered to take them for the week to work on commands, leash training, etc. Mainly just to give Joy a break. Today was a lot of fun, we had four of the six "E"s here, we even took them all on a walk together. Er, fun! Tabatha was nice enough to bring them back to Roseburg with her when she met with Joy to have him puppy-sat for the next two weeks. Thanks again, Tab!
^This is Evett^
^You can see her 'mask' a bit better in this one^
^This is the sweet Elly. They're both sweet but Elly was dubbed Elly instead of Evett for her outstanding display of sweetness *wink*
^Elly again. Extremely cute!^
We let Eclipse play with the girls for about 10/15 minutes while Eva was napping in the crate (she'd been with them for around an hour at Coreena's). The following three pictures are from that time.
^Eclipse and Evett playing tug with the stuffed bone. Again, the mask. Elly's eyes in the back^
^Eclipse in left corner (yes, that's a cat toy. They all love it and it's perfectly safe). Evett and Elly on tie-down on the right.
^Same orer as above^
After that I took Eclipse on a short walk just because I needed the air. When we came back his ear was perked right and we even got a picture!! Darling!
They all laid down after awhile.
^Elly on tie-down at my feet
^Eva loose, Elly's foot on bottom right
^Evett on tie-down on the china hutch/tv stand

^Eclipse snoozing in the too-small crate. That thing really needs retired.

Currently, Coreena and Max are gone with Eva, Evett and their Dachschund Rizzo. Eclipse is napping in his crate upstairs, Elly is on tie-down sleeping in the dog bed, Teddy and Kira are in the laundry room and I'm exhausted, both emotionally and physically.

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Elly, Teddy & Kira

Friday, February 27, 2009

Yet another good day

Here's what Eclipse did last night... right before pouncing on one of his toys.
Eclipse and I had another good day today.

We woke up and he pottied then had some good old-fashioned play time, during which he grabbed a number of toys and layed on the pillow that's kept in the den.

After that he ate breakfast (more than 2 cups, btw. He asked for it [by standing by the dog food] so he received) we worked some more on him "assisting" to take my socks off. (sorry, no new pictures)

Then we played a small game of "fetch" with his favoritest little teddy bear. Then we switched it up and played fetch with a set of car keys. Still fun!

After that we played some more fetch with his favoritest little teddy bear.

Then we had to show grandma that he can play fetch with keys

Then it was time for a nap. Someday, I swear, he'll learn not to lay right in front of the door.

Then, some play time with a "new" toy

We took Eclipse to the park today and practiced his stays and recall on a long line. He was exploring in the picture below when I called him.

Here he's responding to "come" from just "coming" to dad.

When we got home, he crashed.

Then was raring for more. Ok, maybe not. He was simply looking outside at the passing people.Today we also worked on "step", "go through" and peeing on a pee pad (it's finally dry enough outside to start that) and he peed on it immediately. He likes things that soak up his urine so it doesn't run all over his feet.

He didn't eat lunch today (yes, he still gets lunch. With JLAD we feed three meals a day until they're 6 months, then they get transitioned to two meals a day, then at approx 8 months they get transitioned to once a day), and I was somewhat concerned until I remembered he ate more than two cups for breakfast. He ate more than a cup again for dinner though, so we're all good.

Here are the promised pictures of Eclipse's ID cards as well.

That's all from here. Other than I have a puprise arriving tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira (and Coreena, Max, and Eva who are visiting)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New toys/game

Yesterday (Wednesday) Alex and I had to go to town for me to get an application from a place right down the road from Crystal's that has someone leaving in a couple weeks (one now, I believe) but who's spot they haven't filled. (Yes, I have insider knowledge) Anyways, I believe I would love to work here and seems like a good fit for me. Well, Eclipse didn't join us for this trip so I brought him home a present. I bought my first ever jolly-ball yesterday. It's a 6-inch one but it'll do *grin* And the pictures below show Eclipse's rapture of it. *wink*

^What's better than being wrapped in your leash with you Jolly-ball?^
We also got him a fleece, stuffed bone with a squeaker. He couldn't care less about the squeaker, but he sure likes the bone.
^Eclipse's self-proclaimed bed. He gathers things there and they get lost in the blanket^
^Tugging with the Jolly-ball. I figure it'll help him when it comes time to "tug" doors open^

This morning he still liked his fleece bone. His left ear even perked perfectly... of course as soon as I got the camera it went goofy again. Ah well, there's hope afterall...
^Just being the good, calm boy I know and love. He's off-leash at 4 months, not always, but it's more than Iverson ever got!^
^Playing tug with Dad while I made breakfast (for Alex and I, Eclipse only get kibble now) and took pictures of their play. He still likes the jolly-ball, even the next day^
^After some play it's time to be a good companion^
^Eclipse's head cock. Still impossible to capture fully in a picture, but still cute^
^He thinks he's so smart. We were doing laundry and all the sweaters ended up on the floor. Eclipse claimed them as his newest bed^
^and then, he laid funny and made his face look all swollen^
(Don't worry, no swelling, that's simply his "double chin". Lol)
After that Alex and I again went to town, leaving Eclipse behind. We had some other places to apply for employment so Eclipse got some crate time. After we got home, I offered him my socked-foot and he pulled the sock off and handed it to me. So, I e-mailed Joy asking if she wanted me to capture this behaviour or hold off. She said capture it so we started working on it.
First we worked on the "get it" part of the command.

^He's looking at my hand, I'd just given him the "Yep!" so he was waiting for the kibble^

^Here he's paying better attention. An awesome "get it" and no toes gotten^
^Our first "tug" while working on it. He pulled the sock right off^

(Sorry, my sweats and sock are pretty close to the same color)

Below is a video of Eclipse tugging my sock off. I missed the "get it" in the video but he did that on command. At the end he's tugging on the sock a bit but did give it on the command "thank you" and then wanted to play again. We'll continue this game daily!


Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira