Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Go, Diego, Go

We got a new addition to the family last night, but he's not living with us! Crystal has been looking for a puppy for Emily for a little while and was planning on getting a female chihuahua puppy in about 6 weeks, but we had other plans that developed yesterday. We have a friend who is going through a hard time and has dogs she needs to get rid of, one of them being a little female chihuahua. We went out to look at her for Emily but decided it wouldn't be a good fit. Interestingly enough, she also had a male Pappillion needing a home. He adorable, I'd guess around 5 pounds and roughly 6 months old. As soon as we got him to my mom's we gave him a bath... he wasn't thrilled!
Diego right after his bath. He's wrapped in a burgundy towel with his big wet ears sticking up. He has brown ears and around his eyes. Black around his muzzle and a white stripe between eyes to the tip of his nose
After he dried off a bit we called Crystal (she had no idea!) and she came over to meet him. He's had very little socialization and has rarely, if ever, been around more than the lady that had him so he was extremely shy and nervous.
Diego curled up on the dark green carpet. His head is tucked into his body. His body is mostly white with brown splotches
He's a real cuddlebug though, and did pretty well. He was a bit overwhelmed but all things considered he handled things great! We had to find a name that not only fit the puppy but also that Emily could say because he's her puppy. We went through quite a few before Crystal settled on "Diego" from Dora the Explorer. Emily says it "Eggo".
close up of Diego's face
The original plan was for me to keep him for at least a couple days and get him comfortable living in a house with more than one person and work on potty training and socialization. Crystal decided she didn't like that idea though and took him home last night. He's quite timid at her house still, all he does is lay on the couch, although he is beginning to play with Emily just a tad.
Diego in the backyard looking over his shoulder. His ears are perked and his tail is up. Remy's black tail is in the foreground of the photo
We all converged on our mom's house again today and of course Diego joined us. Him and my mom's Chihuahua "Remy" are about the same size, Remy's thicker and Diego is slightly taller but they make good playmates.
Remy and Diego playing. Remy is running at Diego and three of Diego's feet are off the ground
He did really well at our mom's today, he was happy and his tail was up and he wasn't as afraid of everything. He's not 100% a normal dog yet, but he's getting there. Hopefully he gets there soon at his own home!
Diego standing alertly on the porch looking to just right of the camera. His shiny silver tag is clearly visible
He sure is a darling puppy and we all just adore him. It's definitely been decided that even if Crystal can't keep him for whatever reason that he'll stay in the family
Diego sitting on the couch. He's alert, looking to the right of the camera with a worried expression on his face
There may be more coming soon in regards to Diego's fellow critters at his old home. You'll have to stay tuned to see what will be happening, if anything.
Almost identical picture as the one above but he's looking at the camera and the worried look is gone
How could you not love that face!?!

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