Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Moe

*Note: I'll add photo descriptions later, right now it's time to get Moe ready to go to work*

Yeah, "Charlie" no longer exists, he's definitely a Moe!

I'm keeping him a little longer than planned, he was supposed to go back to Coreena's last night, but he's hanging out here until at least Thursday. No particular reason for the change, other than I want to work with him a bit on paying attention when walking and his response times to commands.

He's officially back at work, too. I was quite concerned that the new 150+ reps on the floor would be real obnoxious about him but they weren't. They were actually very respectful and quite intriqued by the doodle.

We went on a walk on our lunch and he's got great eye contact when it's requested of him. I asked for eye contact when there were two pit bulls being walked in front of us and he was very interested and he gave it. He's coming along nicely, even though it's easy to forget that he's only 9 months old!

He was ready to go when 2:30 came along, as was I. Too bad we had to stay until 4:30. Eventually he settled back down and took a nap but at 3 when the phones went down he provided some great entertainment for the subsequent 1.5 hours!

He was so happy to come home! He wanted to carry something on our way to the car so I gave him my soda, no doubt Moe is on happy dog!

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  1. "Moe" is looking so good! Glad to hear he's progressing so quickly. Go, Charles!!