Friday, January 1, 2010

No Moe!

That's what the dogs are crying anyways!

Teddy laying under the computer desk with his head against the leg, he appreciates a pillow, even if it's hard. He's awake and ears are perked
After having a miniature breakdown this morning from realizing that there is very little I can eat in this house (celiac appears to be back with a vegeance!) Coreena mentioned the dog park. So after my mini-breakdown and being sick on the couch with very little cleaning involved Alex and I met Coreena and Max at the dog park. Oh yes, the dogs joined us as well, all of the but little Rizzo.

Charlie laying on the floor looking at the camera mid-blink with his back legs spread out behind 'frog dog'
The dogs had a grand ole' time, Eva and Charlie running their fool heads off, Teddy trying to herd all the dogs at the park and Kira strolling around smelling all the smells but looking a little lost (as usual). We were there for a full 45 minutes with a Siberian Husky, Maltese/Shitzu, Border Collie (that appeared to have Sheltie thrown in, very tiny 19 month old female) and a toy poodle. Towards the end a dominant Chihuahua mix showed up. We only left then because Eva made it very apparent that she was ready to go home and Teddy was getting a bit over-stimulated. I'm always cautious when taking him to the dog park because some dogs don't like being herded...

Kira laying down with her head on the floor, the photo is taken from her right side
After the dog park Coreena and I took the dogs to the pet store to get the kids some more food while Alex and Max got Chinese food for dinner (yum). Then it was home to eat, a short walk for the dogs after Coreena, Max and Eva left and then clean the house time.

Eva, Charlie, Teddy and Kira outside the sliding glass door looking in. Eva and Teddy are dark red in color, Kira and Charlie are very light. Their colors alternate in this photo
Charlie's here for the weekend, he'll go home after work on Monday. It's nice to have a big dog in the house again. The new food he's on is doing him a ton of good. He's on three cups a day right now (I'm upping that to 4 cups a day, he needs to beef up a bit) and is looking so much better than he was on 6 cups of that other food. Eva and Charlie have taught me something, with Kira's help. I know people are used to looking at a dog's "tuck" to determine if they're over/underweight, but it's not always that easy. Eva is at her healthiest weight when she has very little "tuck", Kira never has a tuck and Charlie has a pretty significant tuck. It all depends on their body shape, a golden should have less of a tuck than a lab, a poodle more, but it still depends more on the individual dog than the breed. Their body shapes vary, as do their healthy weights. Saying a dog is at a good weight because they're within 5 lbs of another dog of the same breed is misguided and ignorant since their body shapes, proportions and sizes vary greatly. Lesson learned :-D
Teddy, Kira and Charlie meet me at the door. Charlie has a stuffed toy in his mouth and you can't see his face, Teddy and Kira are looking at meCharlie laying on the dog bed in the living room, it's a very large crate bed with a crocheted blanket on it in blues, browns and whitesCharlie stretched out on the floor with his head on the floor. He looks exhausted


  1. The whole pack looks really good! Well-groomed and healthy and happy! I'm glad they got to go run around at the dog park. I recently read that it's a fallacy that dogs need to play with other dogs. Well, they may not NEED to, but I think it would be cruel not to let them, if they have the disposition that wants to. So hooray for running fool heads off!

  2. Very beautiful dogs :-)
    Great blog !!

    Kareltje =^.^=