Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So things didn't work out exactly as planned so I don't need any help thinking of names. Instead I have a different little visitor for a little while. I'm sure it's not hard to recognize Diego. He's Crystal's 6 month old Papillion that she got a week and a half ago. Unfortunately we have reason to believe he's never relieved outside before and she's having a very rough time potty training him with a 3.5 year old and a 13 month old in the house. Diego is here for a short stay while we try and potty train him reliably, after that we'll see what happens.

He's doing well here, his confidence increases every day and neighborhood walks are helping him realize that every new sound isn't a threat to his life.

He's a definite cuddle bug and is happiest laying beside me on the couch or sitting on my lap at the computer, he'll even sit beside the computer if I let him.

He's had a few accidents inside when I wasn't paying attention to him (Bad dog-lady!) but is progressing well. Right now we're just getting him used to going outside with us not being out there because if we're out there he just looks at us (even if we're out there for an hour +). Him and Teddy are getting on well, although there are of course times when Teddy has to put Diego in his place. Just a part of pack life, of course! Kira is happy to have another playmate but is even happier that when they're not playing he leaves her be. She's such a female!

Today Diego and I walked to my mom's house, he did well until a big yellow lab jumped on the top of his short fence and scared Diego. He's a pansy, really.

I went to my mom's because I knew there would be something in the mail for me there. I had ordered a sterling silver tag with a paw print in the middle of it with Eclipse's name and Dagaii Shinin stamped on it. The tag is on my keychain and just a memento of the relationship and love Eclipse and I shared. A simple, subtle reminder that he will always be with us, even if it is just in our hearts, no matter how long it is until we see him again. Our love isn't determined by physically being with him, despite what some likely think.

I think the tag turned out phenomenally, even if my junky little camera can't capture it.

For those with curious minds, Dagaii Shinin means White Face in Gwi'chin, Alex's "native" language. (The language his people speak, he knows a few words but isn't fluent by any means like all of the younger generations. It, sadly, seems to be a dieing language, one that I would love to learn!) Literally it says "face shining" but is how White Face would be translated. It's special to me and something I relate to Eclipse because his face was so much lighter than the rest of him and still is a bit even to this day.

In Celiac news, we've done a lot of "exploring" this week. Today it's been one whole week without gluten! Yay!

Let's see, we've tried gluten free noodles (made with rice flour), gluten free chocolate chip cookies (from a box mix), gluten free brownie mix and homemade gluten free banana bread! May I just say how GOOD bread is! I haven't had any form of bread in over a month and the banana bread absolutely hit the spot. It's delicious, even if I'm not the most gracious cook/baker. Alex can't keep his paws off the stuff! It's going to be gone quickly but I'm going to be buying bananas in bulk and letting them get over-ripe just so I can make banana bread! I can't wait to try making real bread, although my lack of grace in the kitchen may have more dire consequences with real bread ;-)

The noodles were great too! I need to make some spaghetti with the noodles I have, now to just find the motivation as I'm not a huge spaghetti fan. (ate it too much with my dad as a kid, blah) The cookies were pretty good, the texture was a bit wierd, my mom calls it "sandy", but they weren't bad and the brownies are a bit heavy but good. The taste isn't as rich but I think it's due in part that we're used to fudge brownies. They're great if you drink milk with them!

More exploring and experimenting is to come! Stay tuned as adventures in bread and noodle making are sure to come since all the females in our immediate family need them in their house for one reason or another. Coreena and I obviously have Celiac Disease (diagnosed when we were babies at the Seattle Children's Hospital), Mom has gluten sensitivity to one extent or another, whether she believes us or not (:-P) and Aiden is believed to have Celiac, again a definite gluten sensitivity. Our first adventure is sure to be fun to report about to ya'll!

Ally, Teddy, Kira and Diego (and somebody else coming soon)

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