Sunday, January 24, 2010

Success! And not...

Going gluten-free is harder than it sounds, even knowing that it hides in many forms in many things. I don't know how sensitive I am at this point, but I don't really plan on finding out. I've been completely gluten-free since Wednesday when I had gobstoppers. No, they don't have gluten in them, but they're made on the same equipment as gluten containing products. It's called contamination, but I think of it as them being laced, like with a drug or something. They did make me sick, but other things don't, like the cashews I ate yesterday that were also produced on equipment that processes food containing gluten. In fact, I feel great! Well, other than my chest killing me! It's hurt since I woke up this morning. Chest pain is a normal occurrence for me, although it's never lasted quite this long. Insurance should come next week, I hope! and a doctor's visit is at the top of my priority list!

Thanks to Martha's reminder that Fred Meyer's does in fact have a gluten free section I decided I was staying there until I found it on Friday. It didn't take me long, as soon as I quit walking just at the front and back of the store.... funny how some signs are only seen from the middle aisle!

We found some good stuff (I hope!) like this "all purpose baking mix" which is, essentially, a mixture of other types of flours.
A box of Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix. It's a blue box with all sorts of pastries on the front of it
You may notice the "Improved Texture" note on it. I sure hope it's improved! My pickiest thing about food is their texture. I hate pancakes because of their texture and don't get me started on blueberries. Gluten free food is an alternate to things that are usually made with wheat, rye or barley (among others). To make them other types of flours are used, such as rice flour. Rice flour is NASTY! I mean, you want to know what it tastes like? Just get some chalk, write on a chalkboard (do those still exist?) and eat the dust. I'm serious. Gag-worthy doesn't begin to describe it. I'm holidng out hope though! Shelly sent me a link to a gluten free blog that has a ton of recipes on it and also gives me hope that it is possible to make bread that not only has as good of texture as bread made with white flour or whole wheat bread but even better! Now to just to get a bread machine and recipes... and learning to follow recipes would be helpful I do believe.
A white, red and blue bag from The Cravings Place Remember Those Cravings...Indulge Again Ooey Gooey Chocolatey Chewy Brownie Mix
I also got this brownie mix. We'll see how it turns out, I'll report back to you! I hope to make some banana bread tomorrow, gluten free of course! I have enough bananas for two batches, I'll make just one first to see if it's okay, if not the other will be made with white flour so at least some people can enjoy it :-D

I have to say, my Celiac kicking into high gear is definitely a blessing in disguise. Even though I'm on a sugar kick right now (it's amazing how many types of candy does not contain gluten at all! Soft serve ice cream without a cone! YUM!) my diet is becoming much more balanced and I feel good about that. Before i looked for what sounded good, or was appealing to me, but I'm beginning to think of what is good for me first and then what sounds good. Yeah, there are still cereals I can eat for those times when I'm too tired to cook, but I eat a lot of salads (steak salad, shrimp salad, chicken salad, salad salad, lol), fruits, vegetables, potatoes!, and nice, well balanced meals. I just need to get in gear and start preparing my lunch for work, seeing as nothing available at work is gluten free. I hope the gluten free recipe book I ordered will be here soon and help with the meal planning dilemna!

The bad part about Celiac? I'm either completely stuffed (like I want to barf stuffed) or insatiably hungry. The other night I literally had that hole in the stomach feeling where I just had to eat something at 10 p.m. I'd already had a salad and two quesadillas on corn tortillas, not to mention my snacking. Two carrots did the trick, enough so I could sleep anyway. No wonder I could go until 2 p.m. without feeling hungry before and another day be starving the moment I woke up and the entire rest of the day. Stupid Celiac ;-)

In other news, Alex and I got a new puppy. He's a little cutie and Kira just absolutely loves him. You see, there's a hole left in our hearts and home where Eclipse belongs that we just had to fill, even if it is temporary and inadequate. The new little guy doesn't have a name yet as we've yet to learn his personality. Any suggestions?
A blue stuffed dog with a black nose and ears and yellow feet. He's made out of a corduroy type material
Kira holding one leg of the stuffed dog in her mouth while the rest of him dangles to the floor. She's laying down looking at the camera
Okay, so yes, I'm a complete dork, but don't hate me because of that ;-) Keep an eye on us, you never know what may show up, or what I'll need help finding a name for!

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