Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Camera Love

With a new puppy slated to arrive in early May I figure it's way past time to get my hands on a good camera. I don't claim to be a good photographer, although I do find angles and lighting fun to play with, I know my photos are usually less than stellar. I like to blame it on my very slow, very frustrating camera which is a little GE point and shoot. While I'm very thankful to have it (it was a gift from Coreena and Max) since I got it just before losing my amazing Sony point and shoot when I rolled a quad at the dunes, it's run it's course and now takes worse pictures than I want to have my name on.

So, with taxes being filed and some other money we have coming from Alex's stock from being Alaska-born we'll have enough to pay off our debts, buy a camera and other miscellanious items we're in need of (like slip-covers for the hideous couches we own and a kitchen table we like!).

In my research of cameras I know that I'm not ready for a DSLR, I tend to be quite forgetful and don't want to deal with not having the lens I need at the time I need it and spending all the money on them, etc. I've grown a bit beyond a typical point and shoot... they bore me now. Thankfully there is a happy medium :-D

I fell in love with this camera when it was first released. I love that it has a 3 inch screen and 20x zoom and I can easily get a zoom extender for less than $50 that will give it 40x optical zoom! We all know with puppies playing at the dog park and beach the more zoom you have the better! Even better than the zoom is the ability to shoot 10 frames per second, no more missing out on the goofy looks as the pup runs towards me! Okay, so it will take some getting used to, but I believe when we get our taxes back I'm gonna order me this puppy. I'll probably order it off Ebay in a package deal with a memory card and such but soon I'll be able to post better photos again! I loved my mom's little camera, it enabled me to take some great photos of Eclipse and the kids, but now we're moving on up!

Anyone want to share any suggestions? I know many use DSLRs but I'm a clutz and forgetful and simply not ready to go that big just yet!


  1. I personally use a DSLR but do find it to be too big and bulky sometimes... I have looked into some point and shoot cameras for occasions where I wouldn't want that bulk and If I were to buy another smaller good camera I would go with the Canon PowerShot 12.1-Megapixel Camera.. it looks promising and has some really good features. Sells for about 400 at best buy.

  2. I just got a Nikon thats very similar to that sony for Christmas from my dad and Steven. I love the quality of pictures that it takes and the zoom options but I would agree with Natalie that the larger cameras are a bit bulky. I do miss the days of just sticking the camera in my pocket or purse and pulling it out whenever. So my suggestion... get the one you are looking at but if you have the capability to do so, I would also get one of the smaller point and shoots as well for convience when the big camera is not really needed.

  3. I've tried similar Nikon's, Canon's and Sony's and I think I liked the Canon the best. The Nikon is nice but has pixelation issues and beware of the Sony H-series... beautiful pics and video, but see that little silver shutter button? Yeah, it likes to pop off because the spring under it is only held on with a little piece of plastic and often breaks with regular use or none at all! (Literally, I had my Sony camera on a dashboard, not touching it, never dropped it and BAM, shutter button, spring and all went flying. Sony wants $100+ to fix and parts are cheap but difficult to repair yourself.)