Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Diego is doing very well on potty training today! We've been out twice since I got off work (4 hours ago) and he's gone potty outside twice with me out there! You can not believe how much progress that is for the little guy!

In other news, Diego is leaving us today. I must say, I'm not at all upset about that. He is the first dog to chew up any cables of mine... let's just say my cell phone is out of commision for the next week *sigh* He's definitely a small dog with a small dog personality. I am thankful for the opportunity to realize that I don't want a small dog, big dogs are my style, even if Teddy and Kira are only 20 lbs each!

Once Diego leaves this evening it's time to get down on a puppy level and truly puppy-proof this house! Charlie's the only pup that's been here so it needs some help. Soon we'll buy a rug and slip-covers for the couches in the living room and we'll be almost ready for a new little one. When that little one will be arriving is still up in the air though. Stay tuned for that information! 

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