Saturday, February 20, 2010


My shirt and I had a great day yesterday, although it doesn't come anywhere near to comparing with Mimi and Cabana's day!

We spent the morning chilling out at home then we went to help Crystal get her new furniture to her house and set up. We ended up eating a chocolate covered strawberry, which my shirt thankfully survived, and then went to a salad bar. We played with the kids, moved a ton of heavy furniture, laughed at the things at the wood place and had a good time. I dreamed about my future puppy and received darling photos of Eclipse with the kids when he was with me. We had KFC for dinner but ordered the grilled chicken so Aiden and I could enjoy it too... too bad they gave us fried, Breaded chicken instead. Oh well, such is life I guess.
And yes, I was supposed to work today but I woke up sick, and yes, I look a tad sick in my photo too, but oh well! :-D It was great to support service dogs and puppy raisers everywhere, even if my puppy raising shirts and sweater are my normal attire!

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  1. You look great in your puppy raising shirt, Ally! Happy IWYPRS Day!