Monday, February 22, 2010


A dog photo update! It's been awhile since we've had one of those. This one should make up for the lack! There are photo descriptions, they're just embedded. Hover your mouse over the photo to see the description
Charlie laying down with the rear of a stuffed duck coming from between his front legs. He's looking to the left of the frame, it's a profile shot and he has on his maroon CST collar
Teddy and Kira laying on their elaborate dog bed, it's a toddler bed with blankets, Teddy's fleece on it. Now there are also teddy bears on it
Teddy lounging on the bed, one eye is half open and he looks mighty comfortable
Eva laying on our brown overstuffed chair a couple months ago
Charlie sitting in the sun looking at the camera. He's wearing his CST jacket, maroon collar, black Halti and leather leash. Behind him is a parking lot
Charlie laying down looking stately. Still in Halti and jacket at obedience class. A blue mesh x-pen is the backdrop
Sarra, a shaved two year old Pomeranian. She's white with some cream and is very stressed in this photo. She's one of the dogs in Charlie's classBuddy, a four month old Shih-tzu/Maltese. He's also in Charlie's class and is white with gray/brown splotches
Charlie walking by Buddy and Sarra after class. He's only got his collar on and it shows the major size difference. The little dogs are not even as tall as his elbow
Buddy is laying down with Sarra on a mat next to him. Sarra is visibly stressed by panting heavily
Kira laying down looking at me excitedly with her front feet on my crossed legs. We were doing some clicker training
Charlie walking in the dark with a dark blue backpack on. It had water bottles in it. Our newest tool to help control his energy levels thanks to another raiser's suggestion

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