Wednesday, March 24, 2010

17 Months!

I can't believe that Eclipse, Eva, Echo, Eola and their other three siblings are 17 months already! At the same time I can't believe they're only 17 months!

Shall we join the 17 things at 17 months? I think we shall, but just this once *wink*

1. Eclipse has been home for 25 days today
2. This time last year we were spending a lazy day in the sun and Eclipse was busy playing with his baby bears
3. Today we're spending another lazy day in the sun, but this time we're joined by Emily and Aiden while their mother deep cleans their apartment. I don't think Eclipse could be happier unless we were at the beach!
4. Speaking of the beach we had a great time at the beach on Saturday!
5. He was even joined by his sister and "cousin" Charlie!
6. He was so tired when we left that he immediately fell asleep in the car
7. Before that he decided he wanted to turn into a "chocolate golden"
8. We spent the entire weekend at Alex's parents' house out in the country
9. Eclipse was on leash only twice the entire weekend and did great!
10. He had a hard time figuring out why he and I were up at 7:30 while the other 6 people in the house were asleep until 10!
11. His black spot on his tongue is still very much present and still very endearing (no photo of that though)

12. He wiggles so much when he's happy and the poor kids and little dogs are right at the level where his tail hits them in the face/stomach/eyes
13. For some reason I'm still having a hard time realizing that the Eclipse that lives with me is the same that
lived with me last year, I need to go through and read all my blog posts to remember, instead of remembering all the pain.

14. Eclipse LOVES his crate! The first couple weeks he'd run away if we asked him to enter it but now many times he can be found in his crate with the door wide open

15. He has horrible gas from Solid Gold so we'll be changing to a different food. We'll try Canidae Grain-Free and if it works for him we'll put Teddy and Kira on it as well for simplicity's sake
16. He makes the best cuddle buddy in the morning after Alex leaves for work, he just curls up on the bed if invited and sleeps until I get up

17. His recall is 98% solid, the only thing that kept him from coming all weekend was that smell of a skunk!
Ally w/Eclipse, Teddy & Kira


  1. What a lucky dog you are Eclipse! You have such a loving family and seem to have some very nice adventures :)