Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kids, Toys... Fleas?

Wednesday we went to Crystal's for the first chicken strips I've had in three/four months and they were amazing! (Chicken strips are my favorite food, no joke, too bad they're breaded unless they're homemade) Of course we took the opportunity to take Eclipse to see the kids. He remembered Crystal's but was too interested in Diego smells to be too excited about the kids, although they sure were excited about him! It's unclear if Emily remembered him or not but she seemed to have some recollection of him, Aiden of course just liked the big dog, he's as animal crazy and Coreena, Emily and I! Poor Crystal!
Aiden's such a happy little guy and he love his food. There are only two things that will get him to give up food willingly. 1) more food 2) feeding it to a dog. Eclipse didn't complain
The rest of the time we've been working on Eclipse's manners, including laying on his "blanket" when I'm sitting on the couch, especially with food. We've also worked some more on threshold respect and have begun working with him to pick up his toys and put them in the toy basket on command. I also got some freeze dried liver that we're going to see if he'll take on walks so we can get some better leash manners established again. It's all coming along with time and hard work.
Yesterday our order from Entirely Pets arrived and the toys were very well received! To make it even more fun all the toys aren't available at all times. In fact every Saturday we've started to switch out toys. We have a small toy basket and 5-6 toys out each week, including a Kong for some of Eclipse's breakfast that he gets to work for at least three times a week!
Yeah, Kira has daggers for toenails, she's getting a much needed manicure today and I may even steal borrow my mom's dremel to get them even shorter.
Eclipse loves the new giant galileo and even tried to take it to bed with him last night. Speaking of which, one night he somehow snuck his kong to bed with him, of course I wasn't planning on giving him the kong the next morning or it woulda been in the freezer ;-)
Along with the toys came the oh so important flea meds. He got a Capstar and Program pill last night so hopefully soon we'll see a decrease to his itching, although he's still getting benadryl to control it. In a couple weeks we'll be able to tell if the itching is from his flea allergies or something else and take care of it appropriately. For now we're at a standstill as far as that goes.
He's now fully transitioned to Solid Gold and doing well on it. I hope to get him weighed today to see if he's gained any weight although Coreena says he's looking better it's hard for me to see since I see him every day. We'll see!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. That is so cool that you can teach Eclipse to put away his toys :) The picture of Aiden, and the fact that he loves to share his food with dogs is priceless...