Friday, March 26, 2010

A Thing Of The Past?

Many of you know that I worked with the African Elephants at the Wildlife Safari (a local free range zoo) when I was still in and just out of high school. It was my passion and one of the truly happiest times of my life. You can read my post in December about it here.
I went with Alex today to get his check from the staffing agency he works for and the owner and I have a long history, I've been around him for nearly 3 years now and we have a comfortable relationship. He asked me how my job was going with a glint in his eye and I let him know I was no longer employed there and he looking exasperated asks "Why didn't you call me?". He pulled up my file and had me "step into his office" and we got to talking. He has a number of jobs that I could do right now, one being working at the local newspaper on the phones, full time for 3-4 months unless the gal on leave doesn't return. While I think I would like that, my heart's not in it. He asked me how I like working with the elephants and I know I lit up because I loved it so much. He has a position at the elephant barn as a "grunt" just a seasonal worker like I started out being. He's got somebody placed there now but if he told me about it I'm sure there's reason to believe that may not last (especially if I go directly to the department supervisor *wink*). I told him I'd like the newspaper job as there's more room for advancement but after thinking and fretting about it and talking to Alex and my mom, I may have changed my mind.

I was SOO happy at the safari and yes, it's a challenge for me both physically and mentally, but it's a challenge I thrive on. I was in the best shape of my life and I was so happy. I talked for so long about it to Alex and I think it's clear where I belong. Who knows, you all may be hearing soon about current adventures with my pachyderm friends. We shall see!

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