Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Updates Galore & Paw It Forward

The weather's been beautiful here and the dogs like little more than laying in the sun. Teddy prefers to be inside but both Eclipse and Kira like to soak up the rays outside when they can.
Eclipse is still a very goofy pup and despite the fact he'll turn in 17 months old next Wednesday, he's still very much a puppy!
He loves his morning Kong, althoug he doesn't get it every day, he gets it most days.
I was planning on giving him his morning Kong only on the three days a week he'd be home alone with Teddy and Kira but those plans have changed slightly.
The plans changed because I was laid off from my job today (don't worry, I volunteered, the stress they were putting on me by saying they'd do one thing and then do another was extremely detrimental to both my physical and mental health. I'm sure they'll try denying my unemployment but they're sure to get a fight on that one!) So now I get to spend all day with the dogs and honestly, I couldn't be happier. They're my babies and I love spending time with them.
Eclipse's youthfulness comes out greatly when we do any clicker training. I'm working with him currently on a few different things (mainly leash walking) but a main one we're focusing on is putting his own toys away. I'm working with only one toy at a time right now before upping the anty to two toys at a time and then up to all 5-6 that are out at a time. The funny part is his reaction to the clicker. He loves learning new things, he always has and right now we're working on him getting the toy IN the basket. He's quite comical as he tosses the toy and looks up to me for his click, if he doesn't get the click he goes and tosses it again until he gets the click for getting it in the basket. Yesterday though he was throwing behaviours like crazy! He unplugged the heater (on purpose), pulled a rabbit skin off the shelf with arrowheads on it, picked up the toy basket and took my clicker off my wrist. Finally he decided picking up his baby bear was a nice thing to try, thankfully!
Kira and him can often be found with each other, I can't tell yet if it's because they both like being right next to me or if it's because they like each other... I think it's likely a little of both.
He's definitely being a good boy and is relearning his manners well. He's so funny in the morning because he sleeps on tie-down by our bed (don't want him and Teddy loose together just yet, not with the dominance struggle going on...) and after he goes potty he grabs a stuffy and "sneezes" while dancing around the house... Until Alex walks into the bedroom that is, then Eclipse makes a beeline for his crate, WITH the stuffy of course and waits until I wake up. He's such an amazing dog and is learning very nicely how to "go to bed" and just fall asleep until he's released. Makes dinner time more pleasant certainly.
We also got our "Paw It Forward" package in the mail Monday from Toby's raiser. It was super cute with a cute card, a couple cute blank cards, dog treats, a bone and pictures of all three dogs' names made out of dog bones :-D

So now it's my responsibility to continue to "Paw It Forward" and send packages to three other bloggers. I couldn't decide who to send them to so we'll play a little game. The First, Third and Fifth commenters will receive a small package from Eclispe, Teddy, Kira, Alex and I in the Paw It Forward fashion. They will be small packages but hopefully will be things you (and your dogs) will enjoy.
The good news is that Eclipse still "airs out his ears" to prevent infections ;-)
^Eclipse at 6 months, the day before "the swap", at the beach "airing out his ears"^

Ally & Alex w/Eclipse, Teddy & Kira


  1. I love the pictures of the dogs names done in bones. Very creative! :)

  2. Well well! I sure am happy to meet you and your lovely dogs. I am even more happy that as people are getting laid off left and right you were willing to volunteer for it and have such a great attitude about it. I love it. We all need to take a lesson out of your book and realize what really is most important in life. Great days with your pooches is a great start.

  3. i love the dog bones as the name on the cards, very cute and creative :)