Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 Months Down, Countless More To Go

Eclipse came home two months ago today, it's another nice milestone to meet. I don't have a current weight on him (will get on the first though) although I don't think he's gained much more than five or six pounds since he came home. That's still huge though, for a guy that has trouble putting and keeping on weight. His weight gain slowed in part because his daily treats were cut down, he was getting a ton of treats but with his sensitive stomach we cut out everything but veggies, chicken and his kibble. We'll start giving him Milkbones again probably today to see if they cause gas, that extra 200 calories really helps the boy!

Below are photos from his first couple days at home (forgive the photo quality, I was getting used to Not having my finger in front of the flash *wink*)
^Teddy and Eclipse were both Not thrilled to have to pose for pictures^

Here are photos from today, two months later!
^This one's not from today but last week^

He's such a happy boy who makes me laugh everyday with his goofy antics. He's doing great and is helping me. Since I have to tire him out somehow everyday he motivates me to get out on at least one walk everyday and I'm now training all three dogs individually so they all get their one-on-one time, which I certainly enjoy. He's doing great. You may remember he came home with some bad habits, namely counter surfing, getting on furniture without permission and jumping. Those are all issues of the past (well, if there's an empty bowl on the couch he'll lick it but he leaves food alone) although I'll never be fully comfortable leaving him lose in the house with food on the counter but that's where management and setting him up for success comes in. He's so good about respecting furniture now that I can invite him up with me (on the bed or couch) and if he jumps off for whatever reason he won't get back on without another invitation. He's easy to live with and does us all good!

On the training front, here's an updated video of him putting away his toys. Our biggest struggle is that he picks up toys from in the basket, so I do tell him to leave it and no at times in the video, but only if he's going for a toy in the basket. Once he gives up on the toys in the basket he realizes he's supposed to pick them up off the floor so he does that. You'll also notice he does it in an order, he always picks up the black kong first, then the red kong. Enjoy the video of the goofy boy but forgive the lighting and background noise, we were having a horrible windstorm.

Happy two months, baby! It's so good to have you home!

Ally, Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Eclipse does look fabulous and happy. That is so wonderful.

    wags, Lola