Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Stinking Fools

I'm not a big fan of April Fools because I'm soo gullable that I believe everything. So all of you that did April Fools posts, yeah, I fell for them! Every. Single. One. Of. Them!

Onto the real post though. Eclipse was weighed for the first time since coming home on March 1st. At that time he weighed in at 51.4 lbs. We weighed him again today (I slacked on Monday so it wasn't two weeks after his last weigh-in... bad dog mom!) and am happy to report that he weighed in at a very healthy 55.4 lbs! No joke, I'm serious! (Although I did joke on Twitter and say that he only weighed 50.3 lbs, I could only leave it up there for 20 minutes until I "spilled the beans"! I'm so not good at lying!) In one month he gained four pounds, three of those pounds in the last 2.5 weeks! I think he's where he should be, although it wouldn't hurt him to have another pound or two just as a safety precaution. Now we just need to determine how much food he'll be getting a day on the higher calorie Canidae Grain Free All Life Stages formula to keep him at this awesome weight! He's doing great on the new food, although he's not fully transitioned his stool is a nice consistency (and color!) and he's much less gassy already, I think we've found a winner!
Photo post coming soon!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. I agree about April Fools day! I am so gullible. Except it's my birthday, so it's hard to completely hate it ;)
    I'm glad to hear Eclipse is at such a good weight. He is such a pretty boy!