Saturday, April 24, 2010

Can You Believe It?

Eclipse is 18 months old today! It was a nice milestone to hit with the boy and while we haven't done much (I hurt my heels from walking the dogs too much in shoes that rub and they are sore) we did get some fun in for the boy! One of Eclipse favorite games has always been when one of "his people" hides under a blanket and calls him. He goes absolutely batty! So we played that fun little game on the bed today, which is just a slight variation from when he was younger and it was played on the floor. To make it even better, Dad and Mom both played with him! The boy couldn't have been any happier it seemed!
^Eclispe at six months playing with Alex^
We've been having absolutely gorgeous weather here recently and so Thursday we ventured out to Whistler's Bend Park despite my aching feet and not feeling so well. Eclipse had a blast though and is really growing into a nice dog, despite still being very much a puppy! Then yesterday we had to go to town so took Eclipse with us to make a stop at the dog park on the way back since my feet hurt too bad to walk him enough for adequate exercise. We didn't stay long since the only dogs there were quite grumpy and wouldn't play with the boy. Enjoy the photos! He's getting more handsome every day it seems!
He looks out of control but really we were playing the come game with him and he was dodging trees :-)
I know puddles can be bad but this one wasn't there for long and no cars go there to speak of
He wasn't happy to have to stop his wanderings to pose for a photo
Some of the absolutely stunning country we live in. I love spring in Oregon
Eclipse posing with a flower Alex picked for me. Alex was making his ears perky with funny noises, thus the giraffe pose!
I went barefoot after the majority of the mud and on the way back to the car Eclipse carried my shoes for me, the lovely boy. Okay, so he wasn't so thrilled to do so but he wasn't upset at all :-D
Playing fetch with a stick at the dogg park! He doesn't play fetch much other than inside so it was nice to see!

Ally & Alex w/Eclipse (the 1.5 year old!), Teddy & Kira

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