Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day Three With Four Dogs

Having four dogs really isn't that much more work than having three! Charlie was supposed to go back to Coreena today but he's doing so well here we decided to keep him a bit longer (until Wednesday afternoon if all goes as planned). It's actually kind of nice, he and Eclipse play for as long as they want throughout the day and nap as they please.
Alex and I ventured back out to the Safari village today. It was nice and quiet as it was kind of dreary weather-wise. A nice contrast to what it will be like in the coming weeks!
Sanura was napping in the grass again, despite the cool temperatures!
We saw the little screech owl. He was napping :-) Or acting like he was at least
An armadillo
(I'm unsure if the bobcat photo is "enrichment" or a joke from the village staff)
The Tamarins were having a blast!
Smallest deer, the "Dik-Dik"
Blue-tongued skink (kept as pets at times)
Horned Lizard (horned toad, whichever you prefer)
Giant Porcupine, really he's an east indian. We've seen him sleeping, watching people from his house and tearing up an enrichment box to get the food inside. He's very intriquing to watch!
Giant tortoise that wanted outside. It was a bit too chilly and late for outside access tho!
This would be "Snowball". She's a black tailed deer. I promise she is!
She's got a genetic defect and is thus a piebald unlike your typical black tail deer.
Then we saw a very frustrated python. She wasn't quite happy that half of her enclosure was closed!
The bobcat that we missed out on seeing yesterday was visible today.
Probably only because it was feeding time though!
She wasn't as interested in us once she realized we didn't have any food for her!
Right around the corner we saw the maned wolves again. They're, strangely enough, housed with Capybara, the largest rodent. I think they're hideously ugly, although the babies are cute :-) I guess it works though since the maned wolves eat small rodents and the Capybara would probably tear the maned wolf to bits if it tried anything funny!
We tried getting a peep at the lemurs but they were, of course, all inside their cozy houses. Although they did raise quite a ruckus! Instead we looked at the pretty Koi in the moat around the lemur islands. Lemurs won't go through water, the pavers are there for the keepers to walk across (in rubber boots of course!) to provide the lemurs with their food, enrichment, and of course to clean up after them.
Duck! Whao!
There's a critter in there. I promise... See him?
He's a white handed gibbon. He was retrieving the rind of a cantaloupe that had been dropped
We saw the flamingos, and even a ground squirrel! Woot (again)!
The utterly unhappy python. Feeding time for the girl? Or maybe she just wanted back in the other side of her enclosure. Yes, it's a female ;-)
Duck! Okay, so this one is exotic. They are egyptian geese. Annoying buggers that lay eggs everywhere! Including in the most inconvenient places!

We ended our day by hanging out with Coreena and Max and then Eclipse went on his first jog with Alex. He did fantastic and fell right in step and kept himself on a perfectly loose leash. Hopefully it becomes a regular habit as it would do both of them well!

That's all from here, and thus ends the fourth day of the fourth month of the year twenty-ten.

Goodnight all!

Ally & Alex w/Eclipse, Charlie, Teddy & Kira

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  1. looks like you had so much fun!!! Can't wait to have time to go to our local zoo.