Tuesday, April 20, 2010

He's A Maniac!

Eclipse is an utter and complete goofball. He's even earned himself a new nickname that fits him to a "T": Roo. You see, one of his nicknames is Ciperooni, Ciperoo for short. The other day at Coreena's I accidentally shortened it to Roo and it's just kind of stuck. Really though, I wanted to document and show you all just how much of a goof Eclipse really is, so we did some videos today!

This one is Eclipse trotting alongside my bike. I need to get in better shape before I'll be able to make him run with the bike but he is doing very well! He even gets really excited when he sees me get the bike out and will even tolerate me putting his gentle leader on and hold still for it! (Which is huge for the dog that used to run from his head collar!)

I just took him to my mom's and back which totals about a mile but that was all I could take and thankfully it made him a bit tired as well. When we first got back I thought he had plenty of energy to spare but I was mistaken.

^That's a dinobone tucked between his cheek and leg^

Yesterday Alex was complaining about being tired (we got a slight cold or something) and he was laying in bed reading his book so I told him he had to take a nap. I had Eclipse turn off the light then I put the fleece tug on the bedroom door and he shut the door for his daddy to go night-night. *grin* Smarty pants me left the tug on the door and Eclipse started tugging it randomly to make us laugh (and to play with it, he loves that thing) but he took to walking backwards inside the room while tugging it so it shuts the door but not all the way. He seems to greatly enjoy doing that so I got a video of it although it's not as enthusiastic as he normally is since I have some of his kibble.

Then we tried putting toys away. We obviously need to work on this a lot better and I need to be more consistent in the command I use (he knows "get it" but I want to phase out "get it" and "put it away" to just "pick up" but I need to get the behaviour much much more solid before I do that) and I need to look at the environment a lot more closely in regards to what I want him to do to set him up for better success. This is why I love videos, I can see the stupid mistakes I'm making that are hindering his progress!

This next one is where you see how bad my consistency really is (I'm ashamed!) and I start to get a tad frustrated with him which I didn't Feel but you can hear in my voice.

He truly is a complete goofball and it's very evident that the typical mental retardation that results from malnourishment in utero doesn't affect my boy at all, although the other possible results could play into what makes Eclipse my little Roo *wink*. Below are just some cute random photos of the kiddos, enjoy!
^Haha! Kira's anything but dignified!^

Ally & Alex w/Eclipse, Teddy & Kira


  1. Too funny! :) From the pictures and video he seems to be doing a lot better (his coat looks really healthy) and starting to fill out a little bit.

  2. :-D He is doing a lot better! It's absolutely amazing to me to notice how much his coat has grown since he came home and I haven't weighed him in three weeks but three weeks ago he'd gain four pounds so definite improvement :-D