Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's A Beautiful Day!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and my arms are dead!
^The view from our back door^

Really, though, it's a beautiful day in Oregon today, in the 60's and although we've been this warm this year already, today we're lacking the atrocious winds that we'd been bombarded with on the previous nice days. (other than last weekend but we were out of town) I'm daily reminded why I love living where I do. It seems like spring arrives overnight. While, yes, we'll backtrack to "winter" a few more times with wind and rain, the spring leafs are developing. I'm not sure how it is in other parts of the country, although I assume it's much the same in areas with a similar climate to ours, but it literally seems like we go one day with bare trees (and their evergreen cousins of course, which we are overflowing with) to the next day having leafs sprouting and the trees looking vibrant and alive again.

My arms aren't sore from the weather though. *wink* My parents live just under a half a mile from us (er, we from them since they lived there first) and they have started a weight training routine three days a week. My first real day of joining them was yesterday and my mom kicked my butt! I'm lifting less than the others since I haven't done any weight bearing activities in 3.5 years (crazy!) and it's somewhat depressing knowing how good of shape I used to be in, and where I am now. Yes, I have health problems that make losing weight harder, but despite the health issues I can be in good shape, and I aim on being. My shoulders are pretty dead today, but they'll get stronger as the days go on.

^Back in the day, 3.5 years ago, when I worked at the Wildlife Safari with the African Elephants^

I spent much of my day watching tv and being lazy. Then Tabatha mentioned what a gorgeous day it was so I opened up the blinds and lo-and-behold! It's a gorgeous day! Even better, it's supposed to get up to the low 70's by Sunday, although the clouds are supposed to return tomorrow. I opened up everything in the house (besides the front door since we're lacking a baby gate for it since my mom broke mine!) and am letting it air out. I've had a fever the last couple days so of course I'm wearing a hoody but it's nice to have the breeze able to come through the house!
^Yes, this is how Eclipse can usually be found, a stuffy in his mouth asking for a petting^

I even managed to take the dogs on a walk today! I've started taking all three together since I find if I take only one then I neglect the other two's walks, so we just get it all done at the same time. I walk Teddy and Kira on one leash with a coupler and Eclipse on another on my other side. Thankfully I started using Eclipse's Gentle Leader on walks again the other day because I need him to get used to it. You see, I forgot how many people just let their dogs out in the yard when it's nice, so our "safe", nearly dog-free walking route that we take Eclipse on was not so safe today. In fact there's a female yellow lab that seemed like she wanted to kill him and he wanted to kill her right back (although I doubt he would have done anything, simply his insecurity, if she'd have been lose he'd have submitted immediately). So in my arms being dead exhausted and Eclipse (and Teddy and Kira) trying to "kill" this female yellow lab, I was extremely grateful that I had his Gentle Leader on him or I doubt I could have controlled them!

^After our walk today, you can see the black spot on his tongue^

The reason for the Gentle Leader reintroduction is that now that it's spring again Alex and I are going to be going bike riding a lot and since Eclipse enjoys jogging so much, we figure he'll enjoy running with a bike much more (and it will keep him engaged so hopefully he'll ignore other dogs to some extent). Teddy knows how to run with a bike but won't be able to join us until we buy him boots for his feet, but Eclipse should be able to build up to running with a bike for a couple miles. We'll start out slowly of course since he's still young (he'll be 18 months next week) but the Gentle Leader is for my protection. While training him and seeing if running will actually keep him engaged enough to run past barking dogs he'll wear the Gentle Leader so that he won't have the strength to pull me over and injure me.
^Teddy being cute enjoying his bed^

Three more blog posts coming soon, one of some siblings of Eclipse and Eva's, one more in depth on Eclipse's dog issues, and the other on cameras once again.

Ally & Alex w/Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Glad I was able to motivate you. My plans didn't quite work out. Apparently the weed-eater and I are NOT friends. :/ But the kids are playing and enjoying the son (and even offered to poop scoop SWEET) so the sunshine is still going to good use!