Friday, April 9, 2010


We're going out of town tomorrow morning (early!) and so all the dogs are in their respective temporary places of residence. Eclipse is staying with Tabatha (it was nice to see him happy to be there!) with Eva and Charlie! Teddy and Kira are staying at my mom's with Remi (the chihuahua) where they have their food, water, beds inside and a doggy door to play in the back yard.
^Charlie helping Eclipse out with his warm-up stretches^

It's quiet here and very lonely, despite Alex being right beside me. Oh well.
^Eclipse greatly enjoys his "cousin" Charlie^

It is made worse by some news I received today though. Some of the news I received was in the form of Eclipse's vet records. I always knew that there was something "wrong" with Eclipse health-wise. (In fact I'm going to post all the old posts from the private blog dealing with his health here publicly) As a young puppy (11 weeks) I was concerned that he had issues with his kidneys like his sister Eva did. He was put on 3-4 rounds of unmonitored antibiotics, but I only gave him 2-3 rounds since it was doing him no good. It wasn't being taken seriously though and so he was never tested while I had him. He was transferred from my home (per organization guidelines) at 6.5 months and I worried greatly about his health due to his small size, lack of appetite at times and "mother's intuition". He went to another home later and at 9.5 months old came down with a staph infection. When he went to the "organization's vet" for that they decided to test his kidneys. I was never told what those results were, although I knew they weren't perfect due to the level of secrecy about the results.

When I dropped Eclipse off with Tabatha today she gave me the vet records the "organization's vet" had sent to the local vet. Turns out my "mother's intuition" was right on. Eclipse has a 69% reduction in his kidney function. Meaning the boy has only 31% kidney function. These results are from when he was almost 10 months old, which irritates me so bad because they tried to place him as a working dog. Any dog with that little of kidney function should have the focus be on their health, helping their kidneys function as long as possible, and letting them enjoy life. I found out today that the boy I was told would have a normal life expectancy will likely not. It makes it worse that he's not here for me to love on. We're just getting to the point again where we're getting very in tune with each other again, and it's hard to be away from him for the weekend, although I know he's enjoying his time with his other family and sister and "cousin Charlie". We're getting to the point again where if he's dead asleep and he hears me breathe like I'm crying he's up and has his head in my lap as fast as he can. It's nice to be there again.
^Eclipse in his blue dog bed yesterday. The padding is memory foam and he just realized how comfortable it is in the past couple days. 
^Eclipse at four months in the same dog bed, it didn't have the memory foam then though^

There was more revealed in his vet records though. At his neuter he got a bad razor rash from the prep and has very sensitive skin, allergies (which we already knew) and a sensitive stomach. It helps a bit, he's doing well on the Canidae Grain-Free ALS formula, now we need to find a treat that he does well on too since his sensitive stomach means training treats need to be limited (and various ones are the cause for his awful gas). I also found out that the poor guy was given a Rabies vaccine on 6/6/09 (2 months later than he should have been given it) and then Again on 8/16/10. I know the vet isn't a regular vet, they're an emergency vet, but that's more than a little irritating to me. Oh well, Eclipse is in good hands now and will be going to the local vet for a full blood workup and urine analysis as soon as I have the money (since I found out today my unemployment was denied because I have a scheduling requirement to not miss religious meetings one evening a week and Sunday morning or afternoon, GRRR).
^Eclipse at his first vet visit and only local one thus-far, at 11 weeks^

I've joined the Yahoo! canine kidney list to get help interpreting Eclipse's test results and to see what they suggest, although from my research we're already doing almost everything right although he will start getting tums which bind to the phosphorus and don't allow it to go through the kidneys and harm them more.
^Sister, Eola. I've been thinking about her, wondering how she's doing. Hope she's healthy!^

 A frustrating and lonely day but at least now we can move on knowing what we're dealing with and I have a cute new haircut ;-)

Ally & Alex (what an empty signature!)


  1. Garsh! I love your haircut!!! A bit too short for me, but I love it on you! Eclipse will be alright, I know that the vet records are hard to understand and what not, I felt the same way, still do at times! Don't look too much into the test results though, you can't rely on those. Look at how well he is doing right now and know that he is gaining weight, has a Gorgeous coat and skin under it and is happy, active and all outward signs point towards healthy!

  2. That's really bad news about Eclipses kidneys!
    I think you were probably halfway expecting it, right? Because of the secrecy and the fact Eva has issues...
    I wonder how the other siblings are know if Eola and Echo have been tested?

  3. I'm so sorry about Eclipse's health problems and that they weren't honest with you. I totally understand how it seems even worse since he's not there. But I agree with Coreena, your haircut is fabulous!

  4. Heather-was definitely half-way expecting but wasn't expecting it to be have been on the verge of technical kidney failure 10 months ago. I'm unsure if Eola and Echo have been tested, but I would sure hope so!

    Mimi-Thank you! It's nice to have him home again and see that he really is in great shape now! Now we just need to remember to keep his treats limited! :-D

  5. Eola has been tested and is perfectly healthy.