Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Training?

So it was quite obvious after watching the videos of Eclipse "putting his toys away" that I needed to reevaluate not only my consistency but also my plan of action and the method in which I was attempting to train it. So, I watched some videos on YouTube, saw how they suggested training it, and I took their suggestions. Here's a video of our third time trying this in with the new plan of action and at this point he's just bringing the toys to my hand, but soon we'll add the basket. This is what clicker training is supposed to look like!

(I have a very hard time looking at an end behaviour I want and saying "ok, here's how we'll get there", I miss the in between steps a lot so until I develop that ability I'll be relying on tutorials a lot!)

Still no relaxation protocol training, but hopefully soon! Just need to get myself into gear!

Ally & Alex w/Eclipse, Teddy & Kira


  1. Wow, very nice job on the clicker training. What a good boy (just like you said)!! Oh, about your heal problem, a type of shoe called Z-coil change- our collective dog walking lives. Have been wearing them for a couple of years now. It might be helpful.

  2. Nice clicker work. He really learns fast. About your foot problem: Z-coil shoes changed our collective dog walking lives. Highly recommended.

    Do you go to the Ashland dog park? Was wondering what it is like. We pass through there every once in awhile and I always think about stopping, but haven't yet.