Monday, April 19, 2010

A New Outlet

Eclipse is a young Golden, which means that he has energy. Sometimes a lot of energy! He's not distructive in the house or anything but we lack a big backyard where he can go and run. One of our ultimate goals is to move to a place that has no limit on the number of dogs with a big fenced in backyard and to get Eclipse a friend (probably a rescued lab for Alex), but for now that's not an option. Since Eclipse is lacking a friend, when he gets riled up he tries to get Kira to play with him and let's just say, she's not a fan. I've been slacking on his walks because I haven't felt well, have been uber emotional and could only find my skate shoes which don't give my highly arched feet the support they need (planning on transitioning to barefoot walking for this summber but haven't done it yet). I could come up with more excuses; oh yes, another good one, Eclipse's dog reactiveness!

This weekend though, Eclipse got quite a bit of exercise. He was getting some serious cabin-fever so Alex and I took him and headed to Coreena's to visit his sister Eva and cousin Charlie. It was quite nice out so we took them to the dog park and let them run around for about 45 minutes before they all indicated they'd had enough. They had a blast and so did we!

Then Alex left his phone up there so we had to go get it yesterday so we took all six dogs to the dog park and let them romp and run and have a good time. It was nice seeing them let lose, I need to take them to the school at least a few times a week to let them run but I can only take Kira when Alex goes since she doesn't register that I'm calling her so she just keeps wandering.

I decided it wouldn't be a good idea to let Eclipse's energy reserves fill back up so we started our new exercise today. We got my parent's bikes last week sometime but it was either raining or too hot (last April Eclipse had an issue with heat intolerance so we're watching it this year) so we haven't gotten to go out on them yet. This morning it was nice and cool and dry so I decided Eclipse and I would go on our first bike ride together. We didn't go far, only just under a half mile, but it was enough to get him used to running beside the bike and enough for me to get used to handling him while not falling off the bike (I'm not so coordinated). It was good for him, he did well, we'll just have to keep an eye on dogs that he reacts poorly to, although the gentle leader helps greatly with that. Hopefully we'll get up to riding a couple miles a day soon, as we could both use the exercise!
On another note, his gas has gone away! It's nice to not have a green cloud hanging out in your house all day everyday! We cut out all treats, in fact everything except for his kibble and supplements but then I got a genious idea. One of his favorite treats as a pup (and non-gas causing ones) was plain cooked chicken so we gave that a shot and it worked. I'm not sure yet how motivating it will be when he's around dogs behind fences but at least now we have something else in our arsenal!

Right now Eclipse is peacefully conked out on the dog bed, surrounded by his favorite stuffies. Ah, the life of a dog :-D
Ally, Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Glad the gas has gone away! :-) You seem to have found a great way to get rid of that extra energy. Eclipse sure is pretty!