Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh Siblings *Edited*

For our new followers out there, Eclipse and Eva aren't the only two in their litter. In fact, there are five more pups from their litter. Two we watched grow up and they even spent time in our homes, Eola and Echo. They were both recruited to be service dogs in training along with Eclipse and Eva from a private litter. There were three other pups in the litter as well that went to private homes as pets, one female stayed with the breeder, one female went to a home and the seventh pup we don't know if it's male or female but it's in a private home as well.

Eclipse and Eva both have kidney issues. Eva has little to no kidney function and never has that we can tell. (It's completely amazing that she's still alive at nearly 18 months, we never thought she'd make it to 1 year) Eclipse has 31% kidney function according to the last tests that were run. It's reported that Eola's kidneys are fine but with kidney issues they can appear out of nowhere. Echo was career changed in January I believe, and I can only assume that he likely has some kidney issues as well from some of the health issues he dealt with along the way. The other three pups, I'm not sure if they're healthy or not, or even if their owners would know if they weren't.

Those siblings aren't what this post is about though. Eclipse, Eva, Echo and Eola have more siblings and it was only by utter chance that we found out about them. You see, Martha invited Coreena and I to the Golden Retriever rescue fan page on facebook. On their fan page it was mentioned that there were 8 6-month-old pups from Yachats (the very small town Eclipse and his littermates are from) at the rescue in foster homes and a photo of one of the pups posted. The photo looked strangely like the "E" litter and so Coreena got to work getting in contact with the rescue due to the liklihood of there being family-ties and thus, likely health concerns.
Thankfully the rescue took it very seriously and put an adoption freeze on all 8 male puppies and went about getting to the bottom of things. Turns out the pups are from the same "breeder" and beyond that, are directly related to our kids. Five of the pups are full siblings to our darling puppies, three are out of their sister "Jasmine", sired by their father. Yes, they're father/daughter inbred. It's disgusting and heartbreaking and so very disappointing. I know how sweet all the pups in the litter that I've interacted with and I can just imagine how Jasmine is. I would do anything to get her out of that situation and into a loving home where she'll never have to bear pups again.

All 8 puppies are 6/7 months old and are currently in foster care. The rescue plans on doing full-scale kidney tests to ensure that at this time they have no active kidney issues and all adoptive homes will be fully disclosed on the likelyhood of future kidney issues popping up. Although... after some research, it doesn't seem as genetically based with our kids as we had originally thought. There's a reason. You see, all 8 pups at the rescue look like "normal" goldens. They have normal proportions, are big and beefy and appear healthy. None are showing any symptoms of any health issues, thank goodness. Want to see? Look here for the photos of the pups on Golden Bond Rescue's fan page.

That leaves the question though, where did our kids get their issues? The rescue's group of vets think that it's more than possible that their mother was malnourished when pregnant with the "E" litter, thus causing their many health issues, Eva's potential lack of kidneys, their strange proportions (the look more like field labs in body shape than heavier boned goldens) and overall "specialness".

*Edit* I forgot to mention that the pups are at the rescue because the breeder couldn't get rid of them and also that all involved seem to be taking steps to make sure this woman is either shut down legally (turning her into the AKC since these are registered litters, contacting animal control, etc) as well as simply warning people that are interested in purchasing goldens from a breeder locally to stay far from her. The "E" litter is ok for now, and the younger pups sound like they're all doing great and are enjoying their foster homes*
I do know that the stud was neutered, thankfully, and that there were 8 females from the two litters that found homes. I also know that JLAD was contacted to verify the information Coreena provided and to gain more info on Echo and Eola, although I do not know what that information is. So that we know of Eclipse has 22 siblings, some full, some inbred. I hope them all well, and I hope them all full, complete, happy lives. I just wish I could take on one of Eclipse's little brothers. How perfect of a playmate would he be?

I hope the 8 little younger guys get through their testing quickly and find their forever loving homes. I just wish Eclipse hadn't been part of the litter from when their mother wasn't being properly cared for, in fact I wish she'd either been cared for or not had a litter, but then I wouldn't know my love, and honestly, I wouldn't change him for the world!

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  1. Oh, that is terrible. I hope the new little ones are OK, and I certainly hope for the best for the "E" litter. There's irresponsible breeding and there's criminally irresponsible breeding.

    worried wags, Lola