Monday, May 31, 2010

Other People's Cameras

We let Eclipse and Remy play in Mom's backyard and Eclipse can fit through the dog door in the back door but he definitely can't fit through the dog door in the kitchen door! Doesn't mean he didn't try!
The kids absolutely love "walking" Eclipse so sometimes he'll have on three leashes! It works though as long as we use a head collar so he doesn't pull and hurt the kiddos.
He's obviously very unfond of having to wear the Halti!
White-handed Gibbon at the Safari
Cool flower at the Safari, Coreena took the photo with Crystal's new Sony DSC-H20 that she got on a major clearance for $175 brand new!
We took a nice walk at the park yesterday with the kids, Eclipse and Remy. Eclipse wore his backpack, easy-walk harness and his Gentle Leader most of the time. He was carrying two discs and a water bottle and extra leash on each side of his backpack.
Being a good boy, until he saw all the squirrels that is, then he was quite difficult to handle!

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