Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catch Up #3

About a week and a half ago Eclipse went on his first ever hike and surprising swim! He's kind of been on hikes but not any real hikes so it was nice to take him on his first one (last year during hiking season a lot was going on with him and I don't think anyone involved with him at that time felt up to hiking!). He seemed to enjoy it and was very polite on the trail as it was a pretty busy Sunday afternoon.

I don't have any photos of him actually hiking as I only have my slow little camera and he was mostly off-leash for the hike and out of range of good photos with my camera. Here are some of the amazingly beautiful country we're surrounded by in this area of Oregon, though.
At the base of this waterfall is a small pool and Alex and our friend decided to take a swim. Eclipse desperately wanted to get in the water to be with his dad but couldn't find an easy way down.
Right after this photo he hit a wet spot and fell in, but it was a graceful fall, everyone who didn't see him slip but saw him falling thought he'd jumped it. I was afraid it was traumatic to him, but it doesn't appear to have been.
Unfortunately the only safe way to get out of the water was on the other side of the creek so while Alex tried showing how to get out he kept trying to run back to me but he couldn't find a way up. He only tried it a couple times then I walked across the bridge and he ran straight to me. A couple that were standing there commented on how much of a momma's boy he is and through our talking it turns out they're big fans of Dogs for the Deaf in Grants Pass, OR. I then educated them just a bit that if they're ever interested in raising Canine Angels is also located there and uses volunteer raisers unlike DFD. Always educating about service dogs, even though Eclipse is just a pet now!
^The most relaxed I've seen him in a long time in a brand new environment!^
^Eclipse and Arthur the little dog we're currently watching^
It was a great outing for everyone and Eclipse was so relaxed after less than a 1.5 mile hike that he was perfectly content in the car!

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