Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catch Up

We haven't been just sitting around like bumps on a log... Okay, so maybe we have. I'm back to babysitting for my sister which is nice to have the additional income without sending my anxiety skyrocketing. In our free time we've been doing quite a bit and now it's time to play catch up!

A few weeks ago we joined Coreena and her Goof Troop at the dog park near her home for some much needed expending of energy. Here's some photos from the joyous event!
^Eclipse layed down in the car of his own initiative less than 3 minutes after we left the house! Granted he's "tethered" to the seatbelt for safety reasons but we're making very slow progress but it's still progress!
^Eclipse and Eva are as in love as ever (just believe me although I'm pretty sure he's biting her face here!)
See, I told ya!
We've watched this little Pit mix grow and Eclipse still enjoys her company
(5/6 month old Marley)
Then it was back to Coreena's where Eclipse and Eva had fun barking at things outside
(I promise to you that Eclipse is not superimposed into this photo)
If you look close you may be able to see his hackles despite the position of his tail. His hackles are regularly seen... everytime he's startled or sees another dog while on leash or in the yard
Yet cuddle time with Dad may just be the best thing yet!

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