Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

It's our anniversary! Eclipse has now been home for officially four months!

He's doing so very fantastic! His skin and coat have never looked better and he's never been at a better weight. In fact this is the first time in his life that we're attempting to find a "maintenance" amount of feed him since if he gains anymore weight he'll officially be a fat golden! His eyes are bright and rimmed in black and his ears are rarely not perked unless he's sleeping or is dieing of heat. Our poor golden boy doesn't deal with heat well, but neither do I so it's a lot of early morning outside work and inside play with lots of water and ice cubes. Although he does have a new-found love that helps him deal with the heat. We may, for the first time, have a water dog! We went to the river yesterday and he was running through the water happy as could be! He still isn't sure if he's a fan of having his feet not touching the bottom but we're going to try in a swimming hole that has very little current and see if that changes his mind a bit. If we had a bigger yard we'd have a kiddie pool for him but there's no room for one here, someday soon though!

We're also making great strides with his comfort level outside. We have a secret though, it's only through the magic of turkey bacon that he's progressing so much. Ever since he's been home it's hard to keep his attention long enough to get him to do his positional commands because there's just SO much going on around him. We've tried a number of things but most high value rewards we tried caused him to have awful gas. Turkey bacon doesn't do a thing to his digestive system and makes him so comfortable outside that we're starting to play the "Look At That" game from Control Unleashed and after only a couple seconds will go from the end of his leash staring down a cat to back at my side. He's even accepting and working for kibble outside in our driveway! The progress we are making is stellar although walks are on hold until we make much more progress and it cools back down.

I can't believe he's been home for four months now! It's amazing each day he spends with us he gets to be more and more like the chill pup he was before he left as a pup in training. Although, I'll admit that we didn't do anything special today, we hung out with him in bed and he got some cuddles in and he ate a leaf (silly golden) and was very curious about the weed eater but not afraid at all. He's a happy boy and we can't wait to see what the coming months and years hold with him!

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