Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Retriever!?! (Catch Up #5)

Once upon a time, and this time just so happened to be a long time ago, Eclipse was interested in retrieving toys. He still does at times but they're not the most interesting things to retrieve outside for him, something natural is, because natural's best, right? He loves chasing and chewing on sticks and the more they snap, the better. He's really a Golden Retriever in one respect at least, the juries still out on whether he's a swimmer or not!

^Boing, I'm a rabbit!
^Sit, Wait^
^The puppy's got a good solid implied stay, I had to release him before he'd follow Eclipse!
^Yum! I didn't let him chew it much as it had some paint on it^
^Try it!^
Remy's head is nowhere near as big as Roo's just the angle

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