Friday, July 16, 2010

Review-The Search by Nora Roberts

July first I was contacted by Penguin Group (USA) to review Nora Roberts newest Novel "The Search". It's not just a random novel I was asked to review, though, it's about dogs! I suppose that's why I was asked to review it, since the readers of my blog are dog lovers and some are even involved with Search and Rescue. Okay, so I left that part out but I figured it'd be fairly easy to figure out given it's called "The Search" and involves dogs.

So, let's start with the nitty-gritty. The Search was released July 6, 2010 and costs $26.95. It's about a woman, Fiona Bristow, who is a dog trainer and a volunteer search and rescue team. She has three labs, a black, yellow, and chocolate of course, and all three are exceptionally well trained. The story involves a relationship that you wouldn't think would develop and a serial killer.

It delves quite a bit into dog training and your typical Lab puppy which made it a quite "comfortable" read for me. Aspects of Fiona's life, how she can't find anything to talk about besides the weather and dogs, are very familiar and something I relate to very closely. Her location in the Pacific Northwest didn't hurt that any, either. While I didn't agree with all the dog training methods in the book that didn't make me love it any less. It was an easy read that had me laughing out loud at the totally outlandish things some of the characters say simply because I know people that would say things that are so totally wrong and yet strangely right.

While the book had a bit more cursing and "romantic" scenes in it than I would have liked, it wasn't quite enough to make me put down the book. In fact, I read the nearly 500 pages in only a day and a half. If you're looking for a realistic read, that has something to do with one of the favorite subjects of most of us, pick up a copy of "The Search". Seriously, go now. I'm considering going and picking it up again myself, although I fear Alex wouldn't be too happy with me!

The book was provided for me to review at no cost, but that did not affect my opinion of the book at all. It really, truly is just a great novel!

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