Monday, July 26, 2010

We Love It Too

We love the beach! It affords some amazing photo opportunities!

Warning: The following could be offensive to some although it's just nature

The gull brought this crab onto the beach, the following is their fight

Round 1: The Gull
The crab grabbed onto the gull's chest and the gull kept hold of him

Round 2: The Crab
We thought that maybe the gull dropped the crab...
But we were wrong!

Round 3: The Gull
The gull is the winner in this battle
The leftovers provided a good test of Eclipse's ability to focus on his handler.
As you can see his passed the test with flying colors!
Pictures of people and their dogs down the beach. This photo is unedited and shows how foggy it was
Edited photo of an old golden and two border collies who were in love with their balls!

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