Friday, August 27, 2010

The 6 Month Mark!

We've hit the necessary 6 month mark! Last year I said that I wouldn't apply to raise another puppy until Eclipse was in one placement for a six month period. I figured that the likelyhood of him being in one home for 6 months and then the placement changing was slim. I said that because we needed to keep a spot for Eclipse open in our little two bedroom duplex (probably around 900 sq ft). I knew that if I took on a new puppy and then Eclipse was allowed to come home that there simply wouldn't be enough room. We've finally reached the six month mark almost a year after setting that goal but I'm not applying for a new puppy just yet, although it's potentially coming sooner than had previously been thought.

We figured we'd be in our duplex until this winter or early next year but that changed all of a sudden. There is a family friend that moved to Mexico a couple of years ago right before our wedding but he still has rental properties up here. He had a little two bedroom house for rent we heard so Alex called him and while that house has a renter for it he had a three bedroom two bath house with a fenced yard that he'd like for us to rent and it was within our budget! The great thing is this house is great for us and while it needs work (his son lived there previously and trashed it) it's mostly cosmetic work. It has a large fenced yard for the dogs and we'll be able to put a dog door in for them to potty during the day if we're gone and at night so much less crate time for Eclipse and Kira! The yard does have a giant cement pad that looks like it was a foundation for something previously but next spring the owner is going to pay to get the yard leveled and covered with top soil for a full yard for the dogs. It's great, we love it! Eclipse doesn't get anything special today since our next couple weekends and evenings will be spent working on the new house (staining the whole kitchen and cleaning the cabinet hardware, texturing and painting all the rooms we can get done, fixing up the yard, trimming trees, repainting the deck) and packing the duplex. We're moving in the tenth and the only really important things that need done at the new place is getting the kitchen finished and a fence put up between the garage and the house.

We are being so blessed in this whole situation since we hadn't been planning on moving so soon and so have no deposit saved up. Our friend is being extremely nice though and is charging us an almost non-existent deposit and is accepting the first and last month's rent in two different payments and no pet deposit! The chain-link for the small part of fencing is being given to us by Copper's owners since they have left-over from them replacing part of their own fence and my mom is helping us with sanding and staining the wood in the kitchen and is helping me figure out how to best utilize the 1300 sq ft we now have at our disposal. Our weekend will be busy but I'll try and get some before and after pictures to share.

While the six-month mark has been reached I'm going to give it a month or so for me to decide if I can handle our pets and watching the kids and up-keep of the house and my other responsibilities before adding a very important puppy to mix. The six month marks an exciting change in our lives and I'm happy to be able to share it with you all!

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