Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Behaviour Modification

It never ends. We've made long strides with Eclipse's leash reactivity but since I usually walk him early in the morning (before 7 a.m. now) we rarely encounter other dogs for him to react to. Saturday was a different story though. We walked by a house down the street that has a corgi mix tied outside at all times. This dog has a big bark and a longer line now and really freaked Eclipse out by charging at him. Unfortunately I didn't know the people had put a longer line on him so we hadn't crossed to the other side of the street. Eclipse got so riled up! For the next 200 feet or so he kept turning around and looking, FYI I'm going to project human thoughts on him, presumably to make sure this dog wasn't going to come "get him".
He's obviously very stressed in the below picture and his body language and looking back weren't the only clues. After that he urinated 6 different times, defecated twice (once less than solid), and was very cautious walking by every fence we passed.
These are the two big male goldens that he first reacted to so long ago. He's still not a fan of being around them, from 50 feet away he'll stand at "attention" and look at them then turn around quickly and walk as fast in the other direction as the leash and I will let him. As he's walking away he offers pacification signals, sniffing the ground, exploring the fence, etc. Once we get a little ways away and let him off leash he's happy as a clam and frolicks to his heart's content!

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