Sunday, August 29, 2010

Second Anniversary

Just like our first wedding anniversary we spent our second at the coast. Since the entire time we dated Alex lived at the coast and the first time we really spent time together was on the beach it's just kind of fitting that at least our first two anniversaries have been spent on the sand. Last year you may recall that we had the amazing opportunity to ride horses on the beach and we met a horse named "Eclipse" while we were terribly missing our Eclipse. This year not only did we spend our anniversary with our own golden Eclipse but also Teddy and Kira and Alex's family including his parents, grandparents, his brother and his wife and daughter.
It was a great day, I love spending time with Alex's family especially when there's nothing really going on but "chilling"
The dogs' favorite part though was that we had the beach completely to ourselves after the first half hour of being there. It was a gorgeous day with no wind and very very decent temperatures. It was a nice break from the heat that has been plaguing us over here but was still quite warm.
The shiny things in the sand are small dead jellyfish. Thankfully the dogs showed no interest in them (Eclipse is checking out the water in the above photo, not the jellyfish)
While Eclipse and Teddy had the most fun Kira was talked into running on the sand for a bit.
We love seeing her on the beach since she adores the sand and throws her head back and runs as fast as she can. Her stout little body is so cute when she runs!
Eclipse and Teddy loved that we gave them the freedom to take themselves down to the sand from the picnic area whenever they wanted. Much of the time Alex joined them since he loves the beach just as much as the boys do
Kira stuck much closer to the picnic table since Alex's family has zero qualms about feeding the dogs leftovers, thankfully they were respectful about not feeding Eclipse any table scraps because of his sensitive tummy!
Eclipse and Teddy were adequately wore out from their galavanting on the beach and quickly settled in for the ride home. Our two dogs that are slightly uncomfortable in cars couldn't have been much more comfortable after a day at the coast!

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