Monday, September 27, 2010


Is learning to be calm more and more everyday.

Is enjoying laying in the sun and running in the yard.
Is going to learn to take clothes out of the dryer.

Loves having two small kids around to play with everyday.
Is going to relearn how to open the fridge, get a drink, and close it again before bringing the drink to me.

Loves his "brother" and "sister".
Is doing fantastic!

Likes laying under the dining room table and by the sink while I'm cooking.
Is being kept of the verge of "too fluffy" so if he drops weight for any reason we have some bumper room.

Is still learning new things regularly.
Is going to get a kitty roommate.

Is learning to relax on walks.
Is potentially getting a service dog-in-training roommate.

Has the goofiest bark which you only hear when he's afraid.
 Has the prettiest golden tail.

Gets new toys on a regular basis.
Is learning to approach everything with a smile on his face rather than concern.

Is realizing more and more everyday that he doesn't have to "work".
Is getting his kidneys rechecked this coming month.

Is learning to use his feet more than his mouth.
Is hopefully never getting vaccinations again.

Is regularly put through his "paces".
Ideally will never again have to go through a move to a new house.

Is getting three new beds and a dog door soon.
Is spoiled beyond belief.
Is loving being a pet.
Is becoming more and more the dog he wants to be with each passing day.
Has been home for 7 months!


  1. Looks like all of the RIGHT things are taking place from a dog's eye view! Comfort, good food, lots of love and a fur-ever home - perfect☺

  2. great pics of a sweet dog, nice blog